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    just read about this in a hog hunting mag, wish I could find a link for the article. looks to be a new design of bullet and sounds interesting. in the article they had several shots that killed two hogs, thats some serious penetration. the author even speculated it could go thru 4 pigs, don't know if he was just hyping it up or what. also has a low flash powder for use with nightvision. looks to be coming out early next year in 223 and 308
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    Re: Winchester Razorback XT

    I've tried loading a couple lead free bullets, Barnes and Berger brands. Two problems: you have to play with seating depth to get them to shoot accurately, as little as .003 can make a BIG difference AND at 250 plus yards from a .308 they are about like fmj-plenty of penetration with little expansion. If these Winchesters are superior to a regular bonded core or Nosler Partition, it'll have to be proved to me in the field. As long as I can get sub-moa from "regular" bullets that make clean kills, I'll stick with what I've seen work. I've seen 150gr. Core-Lokts started at 2800 fps blow thru hogs at distances from 30-200 yards, leaving at least 1" exits. My thoughts are "How dead is dead?"
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