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12 Guage 00 Buck From Copes....

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    Re: 12 Guage 00 Buck From Copes....

    Originally posted by jefferson101 View Post
    Granted, I'm pretty much in ZZ Top mode that way, in that "It's better to have it than to need it and not.", but even so.

    Right now, 100 watt incandescent bulbs are a much better idea, and they're as cheap as ammo, at about $0.25 per.

    I need a couple more cases of those.

    That's a big 10-4!!!

    What was it a couple years ago when the big craze to 'Go Green' was changing out your old fashioned lite bulbs for the new compact florescent bulbs??? The reason being all the $$$ one would save.....

    Big whoop!! Lighting runs about 10% of the average power bill. I switched about half my lite bulbs back to the old time incandescent bulbs so I don't have to strain my eyes reading and such. The new bulbs are just plain wimpy when you need some serious light. Plus some DC screwball claims they're hazardous and you can't just toss 'em when they burn out. Yeah right...
    Grumpy Old Fart