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It's pretty funny how the same guys

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  • It's pretty funny how the same guys

    who insist that at .22 rifle is dangerous to "over a mile' are dead certain that a 223 match boattail hollowpoint is useless at the same range. The 223 has 2.5x as much velocity, the bullet weighs over 2x as much, and the 223 match bullet has a lot less "drag" in air than the very blunt, plain lead .22lr bullet.

    You can't have it both ways, guys. Either the 22lr is harmless at 1/4 mile, or the 223, if loaded properly, is still quite lethal at 1 1/4 mile. One or the other. The match guys say that the 90 gr 223 still has 1200 fps left at 1000 yds. That's almost 300 ft lbs, which is over twice the energy that a 22lr has at the muzzle (125 ft lbs). The much greater "drag" in air of the very blunt .22lr design sees to it that it sheds its energy quickly, much more quickly than the boattailed, needle pointed 223 bullet.

    The military definition of "still lethal" is 60 ft lbs, or the ability to pierce a 1" pine board. That's based on the .25 auto, which can barely claim either of those feats, and is barely lethal.

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    Re: It's pretty funny how the same guys

    Who are these guys and where were they saying these things?
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      Re: It's pretty funny how the same guys

      Well, we were waiting for that.
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        Re: It's pretty funny how the same guys

        UhOh. GK is fast getting on
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          Re: It's pretty funny how the same guys

          all over the Net. There are some here, count on it. They are the ones who "think" the 223 bounces off of them at 500 yds.


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            Re: It's pretty funny how the same guys

            Show me the ballistic tables that will tell you that a .22 LR will actually to a whole mile, unless fired at about a 30 degree angle upward, please.

            It's not so much that they will actually go that far, but that unless the person on the other end is blindly unlucky, they won't hit anything you are aiming at at that range.

            One MOA at a half mile is almost a 2' circle. And 2 MOA is the best part of a flipping yard each way.

            Do you feel lucky?

            You'd have to be.

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