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Cyclone 9mm ammo is AP

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  • Cyclone 9mm ammo is AP

    It is sold only to LEO's. SOF found a round of it at Waco. Its bullet is a copper jacketed piece of steel tubing. A conical hollow base cavity is sealed with a similarly shaped piece of plastic. When the bullet exits the muzzle, the air flow thru the bullet pushes out the "plug", and the rotating tubing does a "holesaw" thing thru Kevlar, etc. PMC had some copper tubular bullets out for a while, about 25 years ago, in .44 special and .38 special. When shot into jello, they extruded "spaghettis" of jello back out of the entrance hole!.

    If you cast a bullet out of "non-lead" plumber's solder (95% tin, 5% antimony), it will weigh only 2/3rds as much as if it were cast of lead. When you bore the hole thru it lengthwise, (centered, of course) it becomes another 1/3rd lighter. The Tin is so hard that a normal luber-sizer machine can't size the cast bullets. YOu have to use Lee's sizer die in a reloading press, and Lee's Alox (semi-liquid)lubricant. If you do so, the bullets can be driven to over 2000 fps without significant bore fouling. A 100 gr bullet at 2000 fps is no harder on the gun or the shooter than a 200 gr bullet at 2000 fps.

    Because tubular bullets have little frontal resistance to air, they hold their velocity really well. The same feature makes them extremely penetrative in flesh, too. I'm looking into making a 100 gr bullet for the .45, at 2000 fps, like the old Personal Protection Systems 100 gr solid copper hp. As long as it doesn't pierce a level II vest, it will be legal. I will add lead, if need be, to keep it so, of course. I want a load that maximizes penetration, for use on big game. Then the 460 Rowland will be usable in a LW Commander, and we will finally have a true sidearm for such critters, as vs the "monster" revolvers.

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    Re: Cyclone 9mm ammo is AP

    I remember those PMC bullets and the spiral cores they cut out. As for Waco? All those children didn't have to die. The whole thing could (and should) have been handled, successfully, through the mail.
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      Re: Cyclone 9mm ammo is AP

      Waco, originally, was about saving the ATF. After Ruby Ridge, Atf looked so bad that they had to come up with something. That's why the Feds invited the TV crews along on the raid. Later, it became an affront to the power mad dogs in DC, they had to put an end to the "defiance", any way they could. This is the AMMO section, however, not a politcal board.


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        Re: Cyclone 9mm ammo is AP

        It's been my experience that anything of that nature tends to tumble really badly after about 10 to 15 yards, unless it's extremely well balanced.

        If you have precision dies to cut the wall sections all to exactly the same thickness, you might get it to stay level out to 40 to 50 yards, but a chunk of steel tubing with a copper jacket that you assemble yourself?

        It's going to start rolling end over end about ten feet from the bore, more likely than not. And if it hits broadside, which is far more likely, if you think about that stats for cross-section versus end diameter, it ain't going through a vest. But it will really annoy the guy wearing it.

        Have fun casting stuff, but don't count on the end results being the same as those that one would get with precision dies and metallurgy.
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