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Wally World Ammo.

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    Re: Wally World Ammo.


    I know if you buy it a couple of boxes at a time each Jefferson ain't so painful......

    But unless my math is way off......that comes to about $250 for a 1000 rounds???

    Is that the going rate nowadays?? considered a fair price today??? What happened to 1,200 rounds for $80..............

    You can tell I haven't bought any ammo for a while!!!!!
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      Re: Wally World Ammo.

      Originally posted by Led View Post

      Seen the 7.62x39 ammo there at Wallys myself............I didn't note ANY bullet diameter on the box.........but I will look closer though!!!!

      More than I'm used to paying, back in the 1980's, for sure......

      Little tiny white boxes of 20, less than $5.00 each......labeled as "hunting cartridges" FMJ..........

      It depends on what one may be hunting.......FOR......I guess..........

      AND...apparently which rifle you wish to use it in!!!!!!!

      BE CAREFUL out there, Folks!!!!!
      I know a couple of people who have fired Comblock 7.62x39 in a Mini-30, and at least a couple of folks who either accidentally or thru lack of knowledge loaded .303 British bullets into .308 ammo.

      It shoots a bit stouter than you expect it to, I'm told, but it is not tight enough to blow the firearm up. I don't figure that it'd do your barrel any good, over a few hundred rounds, but it's not a KB issue.

      OTOH, the .308 diameter rounds down a .311 barrel? They aren't going to hit the broad side of a barn from inside, more often than not.

      Why I don't have a lot of Boxer primed Brass 7.62x39 to reload, actually. I'd be better off buying the brass straight up.

      Be careful out there, though.
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        Re: Wally World Ammo.

        I thought I would nab a few boxes of the Ulyanovsk at Walmart today and they were sold out. The lady at the counter said they currently have no restrictions on the amount of ammo a person can buy. What a bummer when you go to "clean them out" and someone else beats you to it! Well, I didn't really want to clean them out, I just wanted four boxes because it would make my current stockpile a nice even number. I'll check back later...