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Question on Standard 9mm Velocities/pressure.

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  • Question on Standard 9mm Velocities/pressure.

    I purchased a Zastava 9mm Pistol, M-88. This is a Tokarev type pistol, factory chambered for 9mm ammunition. The literature clearly states that use of +P ammo will void the warranty.

    The two types of 9mm Defense ammunition I have on hand are:

    1) Hornady 9mm Luger 115 Gr. JHP FTX "Critical Defense". Velocity: 1140 Muzzle Velocity.

    2) Magtech Guardian Gold 9mm, 124 Gr. JHP. Velocity: 1096 Muzzle velocity.

    Is there any reason why it would be unsafe or unprudent to use these two types of ammunition in a pistol not rated for +P ammo. Neither box of ammo says +P on it?

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    Re: Question on Standard 9mm Velocities/pressure.


    That's good defensive ammo, but it's not supercharged, the way I read the specifications. No problems should occur with those.

    Be it noted, that's ammo for defensive purposes, not for standard range use. It probably won't hurt anything for several thousand rounds, but why pay more to practice?

    If I'm shooting for "effect", as it were, I'm holding at center of mass. If I'm aiming a couple of inches low, who cares? It'll still work just fine, particularly if you are the way I am and think that a double tap is the minimum to apply.

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      Re: Question on Standard 9mm Velocities/pressure.

      SAAMI Standard pressure is 35,000 psi
      NATO loading pressure is 36,550
      SAAMI 9mm+P pressure is 38,500

      Velocities are all over the place so it's very hard to say what weight bullet at such and such a velocity would be into the +P range. Note that the STANDARD NATO loading for 9mm is an overpressure loading of SAAMI specs but not as bad as +P or +P+ loadings.
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