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8mm Romanian laquered cases

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  • 8mm Romanian laquered cases

    Does anyone have experience with that 8mm Romanian laquered case ammo in belt fed machine guns? I'm curious if the laquer gums up the chamber when it gets hot causing stoppages like the laquered cased wolf ammo does. Looking for input before purchase. Theres some brass cased stuff out there that has a reddish sealer on the primers, I have a bunch of it an it is inconsistent and has lots of case seperations and misfires. I bought some other romanian years ago that came in 760rd cases, 2 soldered tins per box and though corrosive, that's the best stuff I've ever ran throug this thing.
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    Re: 8mm Romanian laquered cases

    What are you shooting it in?? The Germans used laquered case ammo in all of there belt feds in WW2.

    My buddy has a MG 34 that we have shot the heck out of over the years. He prefers laquered case ammo for it and it has never been a problem. Maybe the coating Wolf uses is not up to military spec.

    Have also shot a bunch (pickup truck quanity) of laquered case ammo in a MG 42 with no problems.

    The Rommie ammo is mil surplus and should not be a problem.


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      Re: 8mm Romanian laquered cases

      Browning1919 with an MG34 barrel, I turned both ends to .700 and cut off front and rear stubs of a 308 1919 barrel, bored them to .700 and silver soldered them in place on teh 34 barrel, has had 10-20 thousand rounds through it. Laquered cases just bother me, they stick like crazy in my M16 chamber almost immediately.


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        Re: 8mm Romanian laquered cases

        Russian lacquer seems to stick to chambers. I've had a fair amount of issues with lacquered 54r in bolt guns, even....And I won't even mention the one time I screwed up and tried to get a full 10 round mag of it through the Romak.....

        8mm? I don't know if it's the lacquer type, the shape of the casing, or the firearms themselves, but I've never had any issues with it any anything. I've got a couple of cans of the Romo 8mm down various bolt rifles, and never had the first hitch.

        The occasional FTF? Yeah, but no sticking issues.
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          Re: 8mm Romanian laquered cases

          there is a HUGE difference between using lacquer to seal the primer, and the case itself being covered with lacquer.

          If just the primer is sealed, it should be a non issue from any standpoint.
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            Re: 8mm Romanian laquered cases

            I have put more than 60K rounds of the 8mm Romanian through mg42, 1917 and Vickers
            and the case coating has never been a problem- Shoot it
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