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decent deal on 7.92x57

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  • decent deal on 7.92x57 Cheapest I have seen it in a while.
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    Re: decent deal on 7.92x57


    I'm glad that I was in "Today is the Golden Age" mode when Century was selling their Turk 8mm for about 5 cents a round. My floor groans! I've got a few spam cans of the Romanian for when I run out of the Turk stuff, too.

    OTOH, it may only go up in price. If you don't have enough, I'd suggest buying it now.

    (I'm paying $25 and change for 50 round boxes of .357 Sig ammo now, just because I don't have enough, and I can afford a box or two a week. I'm in ZZ Top mode. "....but it's better to have it than to need it and not."

    If you need more, buy it if you can scrape up the change. It beats the flop out of not having it if you do need it!

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      Re: decent deal on 7.92x57

      The only GOOD ammo deals I have seen lately are for 5.45x39. Buy it cheap. Stack it deep.

      I got a good deal on some Jim Beam just before New Years!



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        Re: decent deal on 7.92x57

        My two biggest piles of ammo are 8mm and 5.45, and yeah, I remember all the cheap Turk stuff that was around a few years ago. All that is pretty much gone out of my stockpiles, I think. I would almost say that the Yugo is worth the extra .15/rnd, even if the Turk was still available. I might just pick up another case of 8mm while it's still around.

        The 5.45 is still a really good deal and I'd like to get another case or two of it, also. The 8mm I got because I wanted a Mauser, but I got my WASR2 because 5.45 was so cheap at the time. Still is, I guess.