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What's the consensus on Tula?

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  • What's the consensus on Tula?

    It's all over the place right now. I'm thinking hard about getting a case of .45. What's the word?

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    Re: What's the consensus on Tula?

    I bought a half case in the hopes that it would be OK. A few years ago I got some wolf .40 S&W and about half of it wouldn't fire from my Sigma, my buddy's glock, or my girlfriend's Taurus 24/7 because the striker firing systems were too weak for the hard wolf primers.

    I suspect that I may have similar problems with my 24/7 (it's a .45ACP) but feel confident that my 1911 and my VZ24 will shoot it just fine.

    I'll let ya'll know next year when I come back, I won't have time to go to the range before then.

    I got a case of Wolf 9mm too, but all of my 9mms have hammers so it should be OK.


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      Re: What's the consensus on Tula?

      I've never had any of it that didn't work. I had some issues a few years ago with some Silver Bear .45 HP that was Tula made, but that was about the size. The'd loaded flat nose .45 HP bullets to the correct OAL for a ball round, and most of my .45's didn't like it a bit.

      Beyond that part, it worked just fine once I seated the bullets about 1/32" deeper. It all went bang just fine after that issue was settled.

      FWIW, I buy Barnaul if I can find it. It seems to be a bit cleaner and a bit more accurate, to me. Neither one of those points is a huge factor with range ammo, but I just have a better feeling about it.

      It may go back to my experience with 9x18. The Barnaul has always been more accurate and (moderately) cleaner in my Maks, and it's my default choice for them. Other than that, I'd have to say it's a toss-up.

      Alle Kunst ist umsunst Wenn ein Engel auf das Zundloch brunzet (All skill is in vain if an angel pisses down the touch-hole of your musket.) Old German Folk Wisdom.


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        Re: What's the consensus on Tula?

        Hm...well, I'd be getting it to shoot in my Taurus PT145, which is striker fired, also.

        Well, even if it won't work in the Taurus, I don't think hard primers would bother my SIG much. Might be worth a try.

        Thanks for the info.