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Argentine 308 surplus.

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  • Argentine 308 surplus.

    Anyone know about this stuff? Is it corrosive, reloadable, reliability in and FAL/Cetme...
    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Argentine 308 surplus.

    I've never shot any, seen any, or heard anything about it.

    OTOH, the Argies seem to be fairly competent with firearm manufacturing, and I'd expect that to carry over into ammo. I don't buy ammo from countries where they whiz in their water supply, because that always seems to be a good indicator of problems. Indian or Paki ammo is usually not worth much more than the price of the components as reloading supplies, just for instance.

    Central American ammo has a bad rep, because they store it badly in a tropical climate, but Argentina is no more "tropical" than we are. And, as noted, they seem to have their stuff in one sock when it comes to things like that.

    FWIW, the Argie Army used the FAL for a good while, so if it's from there, that's probably what it was built to run in.

    Depending on the price, I'd be willing to take a run at it.
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      Re: Argentine 308 surplus.

      From what I remember a long while back, I think it reloadable, non-corrosive, and not quite as precise as Hirtenburger. But very good. Not to be confused with Chilean. Last time I shot it was 2005. I compared it with Hirt.
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