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Ammo is coming down a bit!

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  • Ammo is coming down a bit!

    I don't care how much you hate Wal-Mart. I have my issues with them, too.

    But the last three weeks or so? Ammo is coming back big time.

    I have been buying Federal .40 S&W for $14.69/50 rounds. Winchester .357 Sig for $21 and change, and I even caught a box of 100 rounds of .357 Mag for $38.99.

    I finally cleaned them out of .40 ammo. It was that or clean them out of .357 Sig, and I have more of that than I do .40, so the choice was obvious. They've had .22 LR in stock all the time for three or four months now.

    Some of the prices are still a bit beyond me. I can reload .45ACP for a whole lot less than $24/50, and I don't need the brass, so I can pass on that, and .357 Mag and .44 Mag are outrageous. I'll roll my own. But every time I go to Wal-Mart I buy some ammo. It may be a couple boxes of CCI .22 Mini-Mags or a box or so of 12ga slugs or buckshot, but it's there again, mostly.

    I'm going to have to build another shelf before long, at this rate.
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    Re: Ammo is coming down a bit!

    I saved up all my once fired factory brass for my .40 for a couple of years, and was finally beginning to get close to running low on new factory rounds, so I reloaded all the once fired brass.

    Now I have enough practice ammo reloads to last me for a couple years, plus some factory stuff.

    I noticed that Cabela's had a good price on 12 ga. shotshells, but I have plenty.
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      Re: Ammo is coming down a bit!

      Just got a sale flyer in our weekly rural newspaper from a semi-local gunshop (about 40 miles away). This weekend they're having a truckload ammo sale. .22LR Federal 525rnd bulk pack or bricks of Rem for $14.99. American Eagle 9mm $9.99/50 .40 $11.99/50 .45 13.99/50 .223 is $5.99/20 .308FMJ is $7.49/20 12ga #7.5 100rnd packs are $17. Other brands at similar prices. They're limiting sales to 5 cases.
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        Re: Ammo is coming down a bit!

        And I would be in Iraq when the prices are coming back down.

        Will have to send the wife up to the local shop and Wal-Mart.

        Thanks for the heads up.