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Primers - Price in your area?

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  • Primers - Price in your area?

    There was one local shop that marked their primers up to $110 per thousand, never sold one, dropped the price on those same primers down to $45 per thousand.

    Is anyone selling primers for a normal price yet?
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    Re: Primers - Price in your area?

    My local gun shop has been selling primers, [when they can get them] for $33.00 a thousand. I just picked up a thousand CCI LR. They have a limit of 1K per customer, so no one person can horde them.

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      Re: Primers - Price in your area?

      Dunno, nobody has any for sale. Last I heard of, three months ago were $60 per K. These were being recycled by folks smart enough to have bought 'em when they were 20 bucks, now making a pretty good profit.
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