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Ammo supplies opening up in your AO?

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  • Ammo supplies opening up in your AO?

    I'm beginning to see more overpriced pistol ammunition show up at our local Wally World, they even have or at least had several bulk boxes of 12 ga buckshot and quite a bit of the Remingtom bulk packed "may pop" 22 long rifles. Reloading supplies are non existant, I've had a bunch of Remington Cor-Lokt 30-30 bullets on backorder from Midway for over five months, no primers or powder available anywhere I've looked.
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    Re: Ammo supplies opening up in your AO?

    Yes. It is very slow (Cali) but I am starting to see more ammo at Walmart and the range I went to last week said that they are well stocked with everything except .22 ammo.


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      Re: Ammo supplies opening up in your AO?

      I am pretty much able to find anything I need. Sometimes that means paying a bit more, or doing a long search, but the stuff is out there.

      I never was desperate, having stocked pretty much everything I needed before the crunch.
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        Re: Ammo supplies opening up in your AO?

        Ammo is available in my AO but still a bit on the pricey side for sure. .223, 7.62x39 and even some .308. 9MM and 45 are ok. No .380 stuff though!



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          Re: Ammo supplies opening up in your AO?

          All components in all popular calibers (except possibly .380 which I don't look for) are in stock in the DFW area, but the price tags could give an old man a life threatening shock!

          I have been waiting for prices to return to normal, but now I am beginning to wonder if they ever will.

          Know what is even worse?

          At those highly inflated prices, reloading is still a lot cheaper than factory ammo- ouch!
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