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  • .380 fmj has Privi .380 fmj for $279/1000 delivered
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    Re: .380 fmj

    I always wondered about men using this caliber for "Self Protection", might as well use a .22 LR. Friend of mine in Law Enforcemnt said the real reason this caliber is hard to find is people were purchasing keltec pistols and ammo by the case and burying it. I had to laugh because to me with that ammo it would easy to hide it so when needed it could be used, also with such a small handgun one would be in a FACE TO FACE encounter.

    Handguns are great for keeping hidden until the need to defend and this is part of the reason criminals and Government fear them.

    FWIW it has been well recommended to get a caliber with a 40 or greater if you want a bad guy DOA and down so there won't be much of a threat when they are hit. Cops for the most part are not against armed citizens but do worry about the criminal element and that is why good cops want as many armed citizens to help take out the threat so they never have to and bad cops think everyone but them should be disarmed.