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  •'s madness, I tell you!

    I just got back from a firearm auction at Garner's...peole have gone nutz! Completely nutz! Prior to the guns selling, Larry Garner spent TWO HOURS selling off some more of my deceased Uncle Ed's ammunition (including FIFTY 25-pound bags of 7-1/2 shot!!!)

    I watched several...yes, several...morons pay $55 for bricks of Winchester .22 LR Dynapoints. Yup...FIFTY-FIVE freaking dollars for a brick of $18 Wallyworld ammo. Do these lunatics know that $50 will buy them much more accurate match ammuition? Or are they all brain dead zombies? Don't they know that Fin, Feather & Fur had PALLETS of round nose and hollow point .22 for $17/brick?

    I must be a moron...I would swear folks were telling me we're in a deep recession or even a depression. No way, Jose! Not when folks can afford to pay treble the going rate for crappy ammunition.

    I told Kim that if I die tonight, screw the funeral arrangements! Let my body rot! Get my ammunition to Garner's RIGHT NOW!!! Sell it all before the idiots come to their senses!

    Aunt Margaret still has at least one more carload of ammunition to run down to Garner's for the next gun auction. The last load about killed the springs on the old Mercury Marquis full-size land yatch she drives.

    You don't even want to hear the prices Ed's centerfire stuff was fetching! I heard Russian 7.62x39 bring $18/box. Any caliber with Black Talon on the box was $35-$60. 150 rounds of CMP .30-'06 brought $135. .300 WinMag brought $60 for 20 rounds.

    Only the 12-gauge slugs went close to retail prices. Other than that, my Aunt can finally afford to retire to Italy comfort and style!

    Buy low! Sell high!...Silverado!!!
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    Re:'s madness, I tell you!

    I have a hard time believing that these buyers are experienced gunowners. We have seen the prices go up and down over the years and should have the patience to wait this out. Locally, I am seeing a lot of new faces at the gunshows and auctions. They seem willing to pay the high prices.


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      Re:'s madness, I tell you!

      Campybob I suspect the reason they went bonkers over the ammo is for once, someone had lots in bulk? Our local Wal-Mart has been out of handgun, 12 buckshot and .22 since the election. There are still rifle rounds, yes yesterday they had 1 box of the winchester 762x39 for 14.98. (They haven't got any 308 or .223 that I am aware of at all) The rest were weird rifle calibers that I guess nobody shoots because it hasn't moved this whole time. They did get some 9's in once and I watched as a hog got it all, he wouldn't eve spare a box. They even said a case of 40's came in the same morning but were all gone by the time I was there and I don't even shoot the caliber.

      Weird I tell you just plain weird.


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        Re:'s madness, I tell you!

        I don't understand this at all. Those of us that have been around firearms and ammo for years surely ain't buyin' this stuff and you'd think that by now even the newbies and idiots wudda had enough. Tho I have been telling everyone in our hunting club to buy this falls hunting ammo now as there is no way to be certain of being able to buy any if waiting too long.
        "some people never let their given word interfere if something they want comes along"
        The real problem with the world are laws preventing culling.


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          Re:'s madness, I tell you!

          I was around thru the '89 stupidity and the even even greater '94 dumbness.

          This lunacy takes the cake.

          The auction crowd was maybe 100-125 guys, most of them in the 40-60 age range. I would venture to say that most were well-seasoned collectors, hunters and sportsmen.

          Grey beards and dirty sweatshirts and and jeans were the colors of the day.

          There was one banker in the crowd and he was bidding on some of the more expensive items, but getting outbid more than winning.

          A Union Switch & Signal rebuilt 1911 in good condition brought $2800. The .45 ACP to feed it sold for $45/box.

          A Parker 3-barrel 20 gauge/16 gauge cased set with bbls. in the white bought $8500.

          A La Fever .410 SxS opened at $1000 and brought $1750.

          A USGI Colt 1911 rebuild brought $1250.

          A Miroku-built Winchester 63 reproduction brought $1200.

          I would put the crowd solidly in the 'grizzled' catagory (myself included) with decades of expirience and I would estimate 90+% of the biders as middle class (both blue and white collar). Most were pretty savvy as to the rarity and value of the guns that were presented for bidding.

          Ths auction featured NO assault weapons. The most 'evil' guns on the block were a cheap pinned-barrel Chinese SKS, an FN49 Egyptian contract, a Hakim and an Czech VZ/SHe 57 still in 7.62 x 45 that you'll play hell getting ammunition for.

          I would say Obama and the deamoncrats do have even the old white working class that still clings to their guns and religion running very scared.

          I got to agree GD...stash a little back and wait for prices to fall and availibity to increse. Most of us have seen these winds blow before and even most of the newbs were well warned of the stormy weather that is now upon us.

          I'ld advise all to buy it cheap and stack it deep, but 'cheap' is gone for the time being!
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            Re:'s madness, I tell you!

            yes campy we all want it to "CHANGE' but just think if it doe's not and still increases next year and again,then nothing to be bought,then all of a sudden.....ya can't buy that anymore folk' import, export problem, freeze.

            yep even ole Krink,from the advice of a wise old battle horse. says get sum.

            "just in case" I don't want to be searching the dead bodie's on the street for ammo to use. I want to have fresh stuff of my you think gas will get to be a buck a gal. again? same for the ammo.and of course some guns are never going back down...too many buyers that might want them.

            remember we are not all armed yet.another 200 mill to go. Krink

            P.S. did you not report even things are crazy at C.M.P.did not sanity originate from the place originally.


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              Re:'s madness, I tell you!

              What Krink said.

              It's only "madness" until they succeed in outlawing new purchases of firearms or ammo. Then we're limited to what we already have. And if you don't "already have", how much will it be worth when you need it?

              FWIW, I'm still buying, when and as I need some more to shoot up, or have the irresistible urge to start loading another caliber. But I've slowed way down, because I got most of mine way back when it was reasonable.

              I've been accused of being paranoid many times over the last 10 years or so, though. But just because I was paranoid doesn't mean that they aren't out to get us.

              Alle Kunst ist umsunst Wenn ein Engel auf das Zundloch brunzet (All skill is in vain if an angel pisses down the touch-hole of your musket.) Old German Folk Wisdom.


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                Re:'s madness, I tell you!

                Originally posted by jefferson101 View Post
                What Krink said.

                I've been accused of being paranoid many times over the last 10 years or so, though. But just because I was paranoid doesn't mean that they aren't out to get us.

                Hey, that's my line!!!
                [FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=4][COLOR=darkred]Just because you're [I]not[/I] paranoid doesn't mean that they're not out to get you![/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]


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                  Re:'s madness, I tell you!

                  the really funny part of this is that the buyers will mark the stuff 50% and then sell it at the next gun show. After they are bought out, they will curse themselves for not marking the stuff they got at Garners up 100%.
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                    Re:'s madness, I tell you!

                    Its a feeding frenzy right now. Our local Wal-Mart hasn't had any since the election. They have had to post signs to limit the numbers of boxes that can be purchased by a person per day to 6. You see Bass Pro was sending their guys out to get ammo since they ran out, and yes they marked it up just as Mannlicher said.