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ROYAL 12 Gauge Buck Shot

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  • ROYAL 12 Gauge Buck Shot

    Browsing for ammo, I came across some ROYAL 12 gauge #4 AND #00 Buck shot 2 3/4 for 12.95 For 25 Rounds. Seems like a pretty good price for 25 Rnds

    But I have never used it So I was wondering if anyone else Might have.

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    Re: ROYAL 12 Gauge Buck Shot

    I'll have to see about this stuff, never heard of it. Wonder where its made? Czech republic or Italia or even Spain wouldn't scare me too much-I've used oodles of shotshells from all three of these countries. Where did you find this?
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      Re: ROYAL 12 Gauge Buck Shot

      I bought some Remington 12 ga 2 3/4 00 from Wally World the other day for only a few cents more per shell than that. No shipping to get it either, so the price is probably about even.
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