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  • Reloaders - Bad News

    saw this posted over at Frugals

    Got this today from a govt auction site I frequent. Best snatch up what you can before prices skyrocket.

    Dear Valued Customer:

    Please take a moment to note important changes set forth by the Defense Logistics Agency:

    Recently it has been determined that fired munitions of all calibers, shapes and sizes have been designated to be Demil code B. As a result and in conjunction with DLA's current Demil code B policy, this notice will serve as official notification which requires Scrap Venture (SV) to implement mutilation as a condition of sale for all sales of fired munitions effective immediately. This notice also requires SV to immediately cease delivery of any fired munitions that have been recently sold or on active term contracts, unless the material has been mutilated prior to sale or SV personnel can attest to the mutilation after delivery. A certificate of destruction is required in either case.

    Thank you,

    DOD Surplus
    15051 N Kierland Blvd # 300
    Scottsdale, AZ 85254

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    Re: Reloaders - Bad News

    this is bull the govt gets .03 cent lb for brass when it scap, when it sell it for 2.00 lb reload brass


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      Re: Reloaders - Bad News

      Pretty silly no doubt-I wanted to get another Dillon just dedicated to do .308 but since I can't find any I might have to get a Daisy Red Rider.
      Hey need to ask someone who might remember- i certainly don't
      Is the ammunition in those Portuegese .308 140 rd battle packs- is that stuff reloadable or berdan primed?
      If you do settle in Texas and bear children, don't think we will accept them as Texans.
      After all, if the cat had kittens in the oven, we ain't gonna call'em biscuits.


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        Re: Reloaders - Bad News

        Don't press the panic button too soon.

        The actual de-mil spec is online and the so called 'mutilation' applies only to ammunition above .50 caliber (despite what the memo says) and more specifically, the code B policy refers to scrap that is destined for export.

        Oh, and DOD sales in NOT a government agency, but a private scrap company out of Arizona.

        From another site:

        DOD sales LLc is not a gov agency, but a marketing business in Arizona. is a private auction company, that sells items bought from the Government at their auctions and resells it. They Currently have 6 auctions for small arms brass scheduled for april 3 thru 7 2009, If they were directed to cease all sales and destroy the brass, would they not have stopped or pulled these auctions ? Ntt=brass&Ntk=P_Lot_Title&Ntx=mode+matchall&N=0&Nt y=1&Ns=Lot%20Number|0&words=brass&cmd=keyword
        See auctions, 7121 5100, 71217230, 7121 8970, 7121 8971 all have spent small arms brass coded at the bottom "mutilation not required"
        The DLA Defense Logistics Agency, is a dept of the US military and does receive what appear to be directives from the DOD. After searching thier entire web site I was able to find a few things
        1). This link is the DLA website, DoD 4160.21-M-1 Defense Demilitarization Manual Download and read appendix 4, In reference to 50 cal and under The Only destruction I was able to find was for material OVERSEAS, and For Export (my Caps for emphasis)
        2). DOD demilitarization and trade Security and controls Program Website
        3). PDF DRMS-I 4160.14 Section 3 - Special Processing The actual guidance from DRMS [i][i]DRMS-I 4160.14 Section 3 - Special Processing Cartridge Cases (Fired Brass) - Expended Definition/Description Ammunition components consisting of cartridge and shell casings are subject to the International Traffic In Arms Regulations set forth in sub chapter M of 22 Code of Federal Regulations (22 CFR 120.1. et.seq). Once expended, they are processed as fired brass scrap,with precautions to avoid improper release of unexpended cases. Policy References/Authority DOD 4160.21-M and DOD 4160.21-M-1. Unique Processing Information/How to Manage Receiving: The ETID/DTID must include the appropriate DE MIL code or clear-text statement for each receipt. The turn-in must contain certification that the residue is inert. Two signatures, a certifier and a verifier are required. Opening sealed/banded containers invalidates the inert certification. DRMOs will inspect what is readily visible (open boxes and drums) to verify the absence of contaminants, such as live rounds. No other level of inspection is required. Not authorized for receipt from DLA Depot Recycling Control Points (RCPs). NOTE: Warehousing/Storage: Storage will be accomplished in a properly assigned DE MIL Code A or B scrap pile. Reutilization/Transfers/Donations: GSA regional offices are authorized to approve transfer to SASPs, for donation to state and local governments, surplus expended cartridge cases (under .50 caliber) for reloading of the cartridges. DE MIL: All expended small arms cartridge cases (50 caliber and under) are assigned DE MIL Code E. Expended shotgun shell cases are assigned DE MIL Code A. Expended artillery cases are assigned DE MIL Code B. Sales: Sales in CONUS are authorized for casings 50 caliber and under (to satisfy local/reloading market/demand only). The appropriate sales method will be determined based on location, commodity condition, etc. as well as any current, unique sales/scrap processing initiatives that may be in place. End Use Certificates are required for these sales. Abandonment/Destruction: Used if specifically directed on a case-by-case basis. Property Accounting: DE MIL performed code 9 is authorized for casings assigned DE MIL Code E but no DE MIL is required. No additional unique property accounting required. The provisions of this publication apply to all non-A-76 sites and Government Personnel at A-76 sites. This publication may be mandatory or advisory to the Service Provider, as stipulated in the Performance Work Statement.


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          Re: Reloaders - Bad News

          Update: Sunday 7PM, 3-15-2009:

          Everyone from the NRA to state representatives to bulk ammunition component bidders/buyers is looking into this. Definitive answers will probably be forthcoming this week.

          Scrap Venture, DOD and several others seem to be the source and various component resellers appear to be relaying the initial information, but so far no one has been able to trace a source authority past Scrap Venture, which 'own' all ammunition scrap as it comes from facilities.

          Oddly, fresh lots have appeared on DMRO/DRMS websites that specifically mention no mutilation is required while other other lots of spent brass have been pulld from the aucion websites.

          Go figure.

          God bless us if ammunition and re-loading isn't expensive enough already.


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            Re: Reloaders - Bad News

            More and more ammo auctions from GL are requiring "mutilation", but...

            so are auction of plain old scrap steel lots of...trash. WTH?!?!

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              Re: Reloaders - Bad News

              FAL guy, the port is berdan. Darn it.