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What kind of ammo is this?

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  • What kind of ammo is this?

    I have this ammo in a sealed container and I don't want to break the seal, but I'd like to know what it is.
    I can see that the 2 brown cases on top are south african .308 and I think the grey spam can is chinese steel core, but I got it so long that I forget and want to make sure. I can only guess that the other brown case on the bottom marked L2A2 might also be chinese, but then again maybe Radway green... can any one tell me if it is:
    1) steel or brass cased
    2) berdan or boxer primed
    3) Country of origin
    4) general quality

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    Re: What kind of ammo is this?

    The L2A2 looks like the same marking my Radway Green cans have. Mine were/are in the 50cal style ammo cans in green trays holding 50 cartridges each-400 in a can. Brass case, berdan primed, British, quality-goes bang-operates Cetme and HK clones Saiga.308 shoots fine in bolt guns(FR8 and spanish Mauser(can't remember model regular mauser bent bolt)). Acuracy is so so(typical of surplus).

    Also not Chinese has Nato cross(+) cross in circle on the can.

    Other ammo I do not know. Have never seen that can before.


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      Re: What kind of ammo is this?

      SA PMP mil ammo packed for civillian sales. Good shooting ammo by the way. Those cans sold overhere for 289 Euro.


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        Re: What kind of ammo is this?

        The cases of SA you have also have sealed battle packs inside of 120 rounds per battle pack. I have seen these 'Battle Packs' alone going for and SELLING for $75 each!

        The L2A2 is Radway Green and is selling for even MORE than the SA stuff.