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Internet Ammo Price Checks....

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  • Internet Ammo Price Checks....

    Gonna try this here to see how it works. Pretty neat!
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    Re: Internet Ammo Price Checks....

    I had that book marked in the past, but lost it when the old HP computer died. Thanks for posting.
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      Re: Internet Ammo Price Checks....

      Thank You!!!
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        Re: Internet Ammo Price Checks....

        Sling an I did a fairly serious metallurgical analysis of the Copper-washed Yellow Box Chinese.

        I thought it had landed in the archives, but I'm not finding it.

        Bottom line, it's a mild steel core. (RB 85 or so....) Not "Armor Piercing" hard, but it'll go through a couple of car doors like butter.

        I still have the pictures in my Photobucket album, should I need to reconstruct it.

        If it looks like this:

        It's probably this....

        It's not serious AP, but it's better than average.
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          Re: Internet Ammo Price Checks....

          I bought a fair amount of this from someone, late 90's. All of it on stripper clips.

          I've never shot a single round, yet.
          In appearance, it is more copperish in color. Yet, under brighter light and on camera, it looks more like brass.

          My head stamp is 341 / 73. Made somewhere in China.
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            Re: Internet Ammo Price Checks....

            cool thanks


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              Re: Internet Ammo Price Checks....

              I've got 50-60 boxes of that steel core that wasn't taken, they did take my AK and SKS so I don't have a rifle to use it with. I think the Chinese ammo is/was much better than Russian.
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                Re: Internet Ammo Price Checks....

                Chinese steel core ammo is the most accurate thing I've ever shot out of my AKs and SKSs