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  • Exotic ammo

    I picked up a case of some strange ammo in 9mm at the last gun show and while the seller had all kinds of information about why this type of ammo would be a must for any survivalist.

    I checked after the fact and can't verify this sweedish round.

    Anyone have any other information sites?

    collectors site

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    Without any further information, there came Swedish Surplus 9mm ammo on the European market about 6 Years ago which destroyed a few dozen good guns as this swedish scrap was loaded for SMG's only.


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      I remember centerfire or one of the other wholesellers had really cheap Swedish 9mm plastic bullet loads for indoor target practice if you gon't have the special adapter your gun probably won't operate as a semi auto with it. they are still dangerous out to a limited range since, umlike a blank, it actually discharges a projectile.


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        I was just trying to find some sites that may have images like the collectors, site so I can verify or identify if in fact it will work as designed.

        +P+ titanium round the writing looked German but I was told it was Sweedish current issue used for hard targets.

        I have no illusions about the power of the 9mm and it has been around a long time. I think when they come up with these special loads it is for a limited application.

        I just don't want to be in that situation and discover in fact the round was all hype.


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          Let's say the "claim" was that it would shoot through 15 sheets of plywood- what with it's "titanium" bullets and all. Go shoot 15 sheets of plywood. Shoot canned hams. Shoot marshmallow fluff. Don't rely on some obscure text whtch may be misleading, misguided or misinformed.