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  • Price fixing?

    Ok WOW today I had an eye-opener. In the local china-mart getting ready for a cookout this weekend I always go by the guns & ammo section to window shopping or looking for a good deal.

    OMG! Remington Target Ammo has gone up to $4.38!!! Now two years ago it was $2.38 and this year before this price increase it had gone up to $2.83 I guess they figured nobody would notice the last two digits had been swapped. It was an OK deal at that price anyway, but today a case of 10 was advertised at 43.80 = INSANE! Same case last year was about $30 so it's time to break out the reloader.

    Now the reason I think this is price-fixing is Academy Sports had the exact same price and they were always more than the local s-marts. I asked when they got the memo to raise prices as in their store they have a counter with many cases under it but they also were at the more expensive price. The answer was corporate sets the prices, odd that it is the exact same price as crapmart.

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    Coincidence? Dunno...but...ammo is and has been rising wildly.
    I'll never have enough though I'm pretty well stocked.
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      To play the Devil's Advocate.
      1) The price of oil has gone up these past 2 years. Ergo the cost of transportation has gone up.
      2) The cost of copper, brass, lead, steel, and chemicals to make powder/primers has gone up. Also in part see #1.
      3) There’s a war on. That tends to eat up resources. See #2.
      4) The UN is constantly trying to restrict the sale of arms and ammunition. See also "progressives" in the United States.
      5) Safety and environmental "regulations" are in flux. See also #4.
      6) People like me are "stocking up". That further reduces stocks thus putting upward pressure on prices. See also #s 2 & 3.

      My point is there is no ONE thing causing the price of ammunition, components, and weapons to rise.
      I can site one instance where prices have fallen due to the demands of the war and civilian demand. Optical sights. I can buy a good red-dot multi reticule sight for less than $50.00 delivered! Not bad. Yes ammo costs more but it now takes less to hit the target.

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        One of my first rifles was a 30-06 acquired in the mid 60's. Since factory ammunition was somewhere in the vicinity of $5 or $6 a box of twenty, my buddy and I would scour the local gun shops looking for cheap surplus. We might find a few raounds at half the above price and consider ourselves lucky. In the early 80's, 7.62x39 was expensive. Then the flood started. As recently as 2004ish, you could get 7.62x39 for as little as $80 a thousand -- delivered. When I bought an M1A I bought 10000 rounds of Portuguese surplus for $1700 with a loose case of Malaysian tracers thrown in for free. Those, more recent purchases were an anomaly and didn't reflect what true costs were from American firms. The days of cheap surplus or new ammunition are over. For now. Who knows if cheap ammunition will ever happen again? For now the best bargain going is 30-06 from the CMP. 30 cents or so delivered is pretty much what I used to pay 40 years ago.


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          Update, I went to the local china-mart yesterday and asked if they had some kind of price set from the factory Remington? Counter clerk didn't know but got his department manager, she advised prices were set at corporate level. I showed them the Sunday add for Academy where their price is now up to $4.41 and they said their price will always be lower. This morning when getting Eggs, they have raised their price to $4.14, now this has happened just in the last few days.

          I know this tells me that when I am bringing prices to the attention of management and they pass it up the chain I am not doing myself any favors as companies always price set based off their competition. Since all prices for ammo are going up at multiple businesses it seems like its best to keep my mouth shut but wanted to give all an update because prices in your area might not have gone up as ours have.

          Those value prices on 00 buck have also gone up but they are still a better value than the individual 5 round boxes.


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            I heard just the other day that Academy was in whole or partly owned by Wal mart. Anyone know?
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