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  • New? 38 Special load..

    I saw a dealer that had some 38's loaded with Speer Shot capsules, each filled with three number one size buckshot. In your opinion, would this be a viable defense load for a short barreled 38 or is this just another attempt to sell something that has no viable application? These were being touted as the best thing since sliced bread.
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    I'd want to chrono a couple of them and see just what kind of velocity the shot had on it when it comes out of the barrel.

    That, and how it patterned at about 7 yards would be the answers to your question. If they are moving fairly fast, (Say 700 FPS or so) and stay within about an 8" circle at that range, I'd call it a useful load for defensive purposes.

    The shot will be light enough that it's not going to go through layers of clothing or suchlike well, but a .25 or .32 has the same problem, to a degree. Which is why I'd want to see a decent muzzle velocity on it.

    But you already knew all that, and I've never fired any, so I can't answer any of my own questions.

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