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WARNING = Winchester 22 ammo RECALL!

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  • WARNING = Winchester 22 ammo RECALL!

    At the DR's office I saw a gun mag and of course I had to read the "EXPERTS" information = CRAP and advertisements.

    Near the back of the magazine was a recall notice for the Winchester Wildcat 22 & XPERT 22 Rimfire due to double powder charges detected in the production line. Olin has instructions and I think they are in the wrong as any company should offer a full refund and double the current cost. They warn if you use the bullets with the lot numbers XN, YA, YB or YC your gun may be damaged and it's not their fault? WTF = Yes it will be and I'll see you in COURT!

    They want you at your expense to package the ammo and mail it to them. Give them "Personal' sensitive information and they will give you coupons. WHAT A LOAD OF $hit! I will never purchase their WHITE BOX AMMO AGAIN!

    They want you to call toll free 1.866.423.5224 and they are sorry.

    Glad they owned up to the defect it might save a life but IMHO they are liable, and should eat the cost of all shipping and let the purchaser determine who they should buy from in the future.

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    Not their fault? Betcha that wouldn't hold up in court. A smoke screen.
    Anyway, thanks for the alert. First I've heard of it.
    Anyone else?

    Agreed, they should absorb return costs.
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      If you go to the Winchester site WWW.WINCHESTER.COM and use the search feature then enter the words recall you will find a number of defective rounds. I have to check my stocks as Winchester used to be my ammo of choice, I will change to Remington.

      22 Recall = One of many

      Oh and while they may say on paper they are not liable ask yourself WHO MADE THE AMMO? Ask yourself if it was defective? Ask yourself if they admit there was a defective run of ammo? If you answered "Yes" to any of the above, THEY ARE LIABLE!

      Not their fault?

      Of course they say on paper it's not their fault but then again if I am a customer and purchased your product in good faith, and it turned out to hurt or injure not due to the shooter or weapon but due only to the AMMO = COURT CASE, I am sure they will settle out of court. This goes direct to the item of product liability and I am sure their company has coverage in the event someone SCREWED UP PLACING THE CONSUMER IN HARMS WAY! This wouldn't be like a lawsuit to put the company out of business as some have tried with gun dealers and mfg's this is about safety and their lack of product control that insures a good product is produced.

      I'll take my business elsewhere unless they make it right by the consumer. Look stuff happens, but when they want my name and information, and want me to pay for shipping so they can then give me a paper to get another one of their products (May well be defective also) I think that is wrong. It should be call us, we will give you an RMA and full refund for the ammo and throw in a few extras so you can purchase a safe product. That is how a good company should take care of their customer. Since they put it in the lap of the consumer they better pray nobody gets hurt or a firearm ruined because it is their fault for making a defective product. That's why I was never into mil-surplus ammo as you never know what kind of crap you get. Think about it if it were good do you think the military would be offloading it? You are aware that even the weapons and ammo used by our armed forces has issues. Law rockets blow up on launch instead of taking out the enemy, Grenades that go boom when the spoon is released and things of that nature. The Government has a long history of being protected and their defective products ignored but a company well you know how that goes.


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        I was unable to locate where they claim that any damage to your firearm "is not our fault".

        Could you point it out, please?