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9mm vs 9x21

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  • 9mm vs 9x21

    guys got lot of 9x21 ammo monday from deal i was working on ,is 9mm luger better round or is 9x21 ' i have four pistol in 9mm luger that like ,was thinking of doing one in 9x21 ,is the round real any better than the 9mm luger or dead round deal with,thanks

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    9x21 was mostly developed for Italian civilians as the 9x19 (9mm luger) is there an military round and illegal for civillians; so that ppl can purchase Beretta's and other handguns they just used the 9x21.

    And yes sir, it makes a lot of difference if someone is shooting you with a 9x21, because that's an harmless non military round.


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      Converting takes some doing. The mag has to be longer, as does a lot of other things. New barrel, for sure.

      For a 1911, it requires a whole new frame, IIRC. For a standard 9x19, you are talking major reworking, which probably won't be feasible, because of the increased cartridge length.

      Star made a pistol that took it, which would be cheaper to find than reworking one to take it would be.

      FWIW, I've shot them, and it's a nice hot round, but going to a .357 Sig is as cheap or cheaper for a conversion, and hotter.

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