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Where did the 8mm and 7.62x54r go???

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  • Where did the 8mm and 7.62x54r go???

    Gunshow had no 8mm last weekend and now Sarco is out. All the others have nothing. Sportsmansguide, Cheaperthandirt, Aimsurplus. All out of stock! Is it over????
    It's all fun and eyes until someone looses a game!

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    Looks like it's over for now. Hopefully we will see more in the fall or sooner. If you didn't stock up big time over the last 5 years it's too late. The next stuff we see, if we see it will be much more expensive.


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      I've heard (but seen no verification) that this is the result of a recent UN treaty to curb the "proliferation" of small arms.


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        Ya, like anyone listens to the UN. That's why they do such a FINE job of keeping peace when they are in an area. This may involve $$$$ for countries, but certainly not because the usless UN is involved. UN=TOTAL WASTE OF ASSETS.