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  • 762x54r

    what's wrong w/183gr ammo?What makes it less desireable?tia

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    You know, I'd like the answer to that also as I just shoot that ammo to hear it go bang. I adjust sights for each session anyhow, but methinks it is simply a different powder mix.
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      the standard cant is that the receivers on the semis are designed for the 147gr rounds. The heavier rounds will slam the carrier harder into the back of the receiver. On true Dragunovs this is less of a problem because the receiver is milled (?) but on Romak-3's with their stamped receiver this can cause fatigue and cracking. If you have an old bolt gun, go ahead and load for elephant... (Actually, there's no good reason to shoot elephants in particular, but you know what I mean...)
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        I've shot some of it, and I have the same conclusion about it that I do about the "heavy ball" 8mm ammo.

        For the short barreled Mosins, (M38, M44, and 91-59), it's a little more accurate. In the 91-30, not so much. And I wouldn't shoot it in my Romak.

        My Finns don't seem to care one way or the other. POI changes a bit, but they drive nails with either.
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