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  • Corrosive Ammo Test

    For all those that shoot military ammo and don't know if what you are shooting is corrosive or not,there is a test ya can do to see if it is corrosive.
    Take a plate of carbon steel, anything that can rust easily. Shine it up with sandpaper and remove all rust leaving bare shiny steel. Pull a bullet from a live cartridge you want to test and dump all the powder out. Chamber the primed empty case and place the muzzle of the gun about 1/4" away from the shiny steel plate. Fire the primer off, depositing residue on the steel plate. Clean your rifle as if you have just shot corrossive ammo. Set the plate aside for about 2-3 days then examine it. If the residue area is much rustier than the surrounding steel, it is corrossive. If it isn't much different then it is not.You can also use degreased steel wool too,or so I'm told

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    Thank you Ding and welcome to AW!
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      thank you theMrMitch and proud to be here amongst all you fine gentlemen and ladies if any.


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        Good tip. Hey got a question, say I get some 9mm that is corrosive but boxer primed. After it's shot is there anything special that needs to be done so the brass can be reloaded with non corrosive components?


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          Wash them with soapy water to get the salts out and then let it dry,clean the primer pockets as you would any other time with the primer brush and you are good to go...