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M193/M196 still in US Military use??

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  • M193/M196 still in US Military use??

    Just beeing curious, are the 5.56 M193/M196 bullets still in use with the us military or are they to 100% switched to SS109 (M855)??

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    We still use it for training(USAF/ANG) but I don't think anyone is still sending any of the older guns over to the sandbox. The Air Force still has thousands of M16s that are in the process of being converted to A2 status but everyone heading over in the last few years has carried a converted rifle or an M4. I remember seeing pictures of guys with the old rifles at the start of the war but not lately.

    So basicly yes, but not for front line use. Until all the weapons are converted we will continue to purchase it for training and use in the old rifles.

    The Army Guard used to still use it up until recently as well but I believe all of their A1s have converted as well.


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      I haven't seen any in Active or Guard use (Army side) in several years. Even in ROTC (my day job) we get brand new M855 by the case to put through our A2s (which used to be A1s).