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Australian .308 any good?

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  • Australian .308 any good?

    Saw the Australian .308 advert on AIMs website. I have had good luck with the Portugese but thought I would try something new. Any comments?


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    Haven't heard anything bad about it on any of the sites I go to.
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      I think the Aussie is better than the Port, IMHO.


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        It's the best .308 surplus I have ever tried!! Of course, I didn't have a FAL when Hirtenberger was the rage, so I have only Portuguese, S. African, Israeli, and Belgian, to compare it to.

        Very consistent, accurate, and recently made. I just bought 800 more rounds.

        It's Berdan primed, which may be a liability if you reload. I don't, so I feel no guilt leaving the empty cases scattered all over the place.

        Get some.....


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          Originally posted by Ironhandjohn:
          Get some.....
          Get lots....


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            Very good quality ammo. Buy some, you won't regret it.


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              fewer flyers than Israeli, Radway or SA. IMI will do a ~1MOA group in my AR10 but then send a flyer off several inches. (and it happens consistently enough I know it's not me). Australian will go a little wider (just over 1MOA) but no flyers. Which says to me FWIW that their loadings are more consistent.

              Also, it's a copper-jacketed bullet, so I can use it in my stainless bores without concern. Hirts, DAG and the others only get into a chrome bore.
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                I picked up 10 rounds at a local dealer yesterday to try before I bought any quantity. The bullet has no steel per the magnet. Case is well formed, crimped primer. Out of the blister pack the rounds feel like they have a kind of silicon lubricant on them. Maybe just me. Can't wait to try some in my AR 10.

                Maybe Yoda Dad will do a ballistic study on this ammo.

                Thanks, A


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                  I have shot about 400 rounds, clean, sure fire, only issue it's slightly down loaded from the usually military spec ammo unlike Port, SA, etc (had to open the FAL gas setting). Being F4, I have read somewhere it was down loaded to improve accuracy in the FAL's and used as a sniper round in the 1980's. Is is package very nicely in the blister packs in 5 round sections. I have also seen it on stripper clips in ammo cans.


                  Here's what I've heard around the traps. Australian F4 7.62 is highly regarded locally for its accuracy and handloads using the same components will not shoot as well as factory ammunition.

                  During production the rounds were run along a track and spun on their vertical axis (projectile tips up). Any projectile that had an off-center core was flung off the track into a container that was later used for MG ammo.

                  Typically the bullet diameter is .307" and the weight is 144 grains.


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                    Good ammo. Use in my AR and Fals. Iron sights 2 inch groups at 100 yards. Ran some through my GA Precsion, sub minute of angle.