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    HI guys
    I recently got some USGI 7.62X51 NATO ammo and there is two different markings on the boxes some is M-80 and some is M-118. Can some one tell me the difference? Visually looks the same. Is it different bullet weight?

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    M80 is 147gr Ball Ammo.

    M118 is 173gr Ball Ammo.

    If the M118 is head stamped with "LR" somewhere then it's the Long Range ammo, though the M118LR isn't noted as very accurate sniper ammo. 1 MOA is really good for M118LR and most report 1.5-2 MOA with it. Lake City had some QC issues with M118LR. Bullet "run out" and "weight" varried a lot so accuracy went out the door which is rather sickning for "Special Ball" ammo. Just consider it every day ammo and don't expect much out of it except a heavy bullet.

    Edit: I wouldn't use M118 ammo in a Military semi-auto, the pressure might rattle the gun apart. In a bolt gun it's fine. Most Military semi-autos are very ammo picky as to weight and pressure and most like 147-150 gr NATO ammo.

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      I got a hold of a few thousand pulled 173g LR bullets from Wideners to load through my M21 clone. With my handloads, I get a consistant 1 MOA out to 400m. Thats as far as I had shot it so far.

      4" at 400m with a bedded M1A is pretty good.
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