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.38 special load for 2 3/4" barrel

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  • .38 special load for 2 3/4" barrel

    My wife's house gun is a .357 magnum with a 2 3/4" barrel. It is loaded with .38 special +P 125 gr. JHP's that do about 950 fps from a 4" barrel(850 from her's). She doesn't mind the recoil. We've tried the 158 gr. lead hollowpoint that does about 890 from a 4" and a 148 gr. wadcutter that does 900-950 from a 4". She didn't like the recoil. I was wondering if there is a better ammo choice than what she's using now, that doesn't kick any more. The only thing I can think of is the new Speer 135 gr. but that's going to kick a little more.

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    I've shot the 38 Special Speer 135gr.+P from a two inch Amadeo Rossi. Does kick, but not too bad.