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Nagant pistol ammo??

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  • Nagant pistol ammo??

    Anyone know where I can get some??Or maybe a line on the caliber change to .32??I saw one of these pistols @ a show today & it looked brand spankin new!!Would be a neat addition [not to mention cheap] to the collection.
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    Seems like either FAC or Brownells has these cylinder conversions.


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      I think SOG is advertising some of the ammo, but it's fairly expensive.

      Your choices are pretty slim, unless you don't mind paying a buck a round for Finnochi or almost that for loaded Russian if you can find any.

      Column A is get the .32 cylinder. It shoots, but you lose a lot of the velocity and accuracy that the .30 Nagant round has.

      Column B is get the dies, find some brass, and reload your own. That's fairly expensive up front, since the dies are around $75, and you may wind up buying loaded Finnochi anyway to get the brass. We haven't had much luck finding anyone who has brass for it in stock.

      You can get dies to re-form and reload .32-20 brass for it. The dies are cheaper (Around $40, IIRC) but that has the same disadvantage as shooting .32 in it. Loss of accuracy and velocity is quite noticeable.

      But they are fun to shoot even with off sized ammo.
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        I've seen it at Old Western Scrounger.
        J&G Sales in Prescott AZ carries it too.
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          The 32acp cylinders are not listed on the website but give them a call.

          For cheap ammo 32 S&W Long will work in the origional cylinder. Or Lee makes a set of dies used to resize and load Starline 32-20 brass to fit the Nagant cylinder.