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  • Original import Hansen .308

    Is anyone out there hoarding a supply of the original import Hansen .308 Winchester ammo that was made in Yugoslavia? It came in a silver box with red, white, and blue stripes around the box at one end and was marked "fully reloadable--boxer primed--non-corrosive". The supply I have also was marked on the ends with "HCC 308 B". The cartridges are headstamped "IK" on top and "308W" on the bottom, and have primers sealed with red lacquer. The bullets I have are soft points. The cartridges are packed in a plastic tray of 20. The front of the box is also labeled "POSI FEED". There is no loading date on the box, but I bought what I have in the mid 1980s.

    I would be willing to exchange any current non-premium ammo box-for-box (and pay the shipping) for anyone having sizable quantities of this ammo, up to about 5000 rounds.

    I am not interested in the current Hansen import, nor any other brands. For those who may be curious, the original import Hansen produces a fantastic muzzle flash in my HK-51 guns, and I have found few other loadings that do that. Since the muzzle flash is a major part of my enjoyment of "playing" with those guns, I am interested in obtaining more of the ammo that I know produces the effect I desire.

    If you have or know of someone who has a stock of this ammo, please drop me a PM.

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    Don't have any but do remember it being hotter than a smoking stump. Good Luck finding it-I see it sometimes at ammo gunshows but if they are still using the same silver box now it may be newer stuff.

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