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  • Hunting ammo question

    I know that the 7.62x39 is good enough for deer hunting out to about 125yrds. My question is. My gun loves Barnaul 125grn SP. Is this round a good round or should I stick to Rem. or Win. factory loads to hunt with? I would hate to see a nice rack run off because the round did not open up like Core-loks or Power points do. Thanx for you feed back.

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    Post this question in the AK forum. You will get a faster response!


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      although i dont like the way Barny 124grn softpoints work , they would be ok on deer out to 50 meters or so with a broadside heart-lung shot , definatly not out to 100 meters or farther .

      all of the USA made softpoint loads i tested have 'issues' with low velocity or extreem velocity loss in cold , if you concider 40/50 deg. F. cold that is . in this respect Remington PSP has been better than the others and it expands realgood for broadside heart-lungs shot out to 100M or a little more .

      the consensus is that the 762x39 is (just) good enough for deer so if you (unknowingly) use loads that startout -100 to -300 fps/125grn youve lost most of your margine of 'just good enough' .

      besides those , the Lapua Mega SP is the best of the best for about the same price as US made and i would take a quartering 100M shot at deer with those , no problem , right out of the box , without worrying about chronoing them first or velocity loss in cold .

      in fact , i wouldnt take a quartering shot at any but the smallest deer with 762x39 except with the Lapua load above , PMC (chronoed and up-loaded as nessisary) , hand-load w/Sierra 125grn @nominal velocity . it seems the Wolf 154grn SP would fit in this category also , at least to 50M or so and maybe farther .

      while i'm sure there are many hunting success stories with 762x39 using even Chinese and Russian SPs , the advise i give here is based on comparitive 'bullet' performance in idealic , uniform , media (water) .

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        Thanx, that's the kind of info I have been looking for. I'm a die hard 30-06 man. But I was thinking of trying out my 7.62x39 just for grins. But with my luck, the buck of all mother bucks would stand broadside at about 150 yrds and smile at me. I know my 06 will take them with out any problem. The last two 8 pointers I have taken have been at 162 and 150 yrds. They only went a few yards after my 06 spoke up. I will stick with what I know works. Thanx again.


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          well , thats the rub . given good shot placement allaround , would you feel comfortable takeing the shot you describe with the 30-30 130grn SP ?

          i think most hunters would balk with the above.

          i MIGHT take that shot with 30-30 / 150grn if it was clear/clean enough but even so i dont think any comparison can be made with the '06 / 150grn .


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            I never felt comfortable with the power level of my dad's .30-30 that I used for several years.

            I made what I felt was a very good shot on a HUGE buck standing broadside at just under 100 yards. Some blood, some pieces of bone, but no buck after searching for hours and hours.

            When I took up deer hunting again after a few years I bought a .300 Weatherby and now I never have to worry about lack of power.

            After reading your second post, I would suggest using the '06. Then, if the chance is there to go after some does only, then I would consider the SKS.


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              Georgia Arms 125gr NBT @ 2400fps. The best deer round bar none.

              7.62x39 RUSSIAN (20 Pack)
              G76239A 125gr Ballistic Tip $17.00

              Dave S