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762x39 Wolf 154gr SoftPoint .

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  • 762x39 Wolf 154gr SoftPoint .

    this bullet is basicly formed from 762x39 Wolf 122gr HP-BT jackets . no heelcrimp is used on the jackets' open BT base (and not on some early TCW and Wolf either)with the jacket/leadcore flush . leadtip is formed outside a wider HP opening .

    Caliber : 0.309 inches
    Rotating Band Diameter: 0.309 inches
    Total Length: 1.030 inches
    Nose Length: 0.500 inches
    Nose Type Tangent
    Meplat Diameter: 0.104 inches
    Nose Radius: 5.000 cal
    Boattail Length: 0.170 inches
    Base Diameter: 0.255 inches
    Weight: 154 grains
    Twist: 9.4 inches
    Specific Gravity: 10.40
    Drag Function G5

    its G5 B.C. @2500fps= .196 , @2000fps= .208 . this is somewhat better than 122grn FMJ B.C. and is higher-than it downrange . i'll compare trajectories later , here :
    for a 300M zero you would ajust POA/POI too +12.5" @100M on -3- . MRT to 300M is about +15.5"

    compared too standard 122grn FMJ-BT -6" more drop @400M and -15" more drop @500M .

    it would penetrate the 3.17mm mildsteel sheet out too @390M (497ft.lbs.)@standard Atmosphere
    note that its noselength is only ~ .500" ... similar too USA made "US67" types in the frontend .

    when i test it i'll also section a pristeen bullet looking for the 'internal ridges' found in standard Wolf FMJ bullets . IF this bullet expands those internalridges , in combination with the sevier crimp (almost wasp-waisting the bullet) should hold jacket/core together better than the enclosedbase Barnaul SP bullets which loose the core at first inkling of expanding.

    plus , of course , chronodata

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    can't wait!


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      well if this was baseball i'd be walking back to the dugouts amidst boos and hurled paper cups .

      1) no internal ridges like found in Wolf FMJ-BT (i better check the newer FMJ-BT and see if they are still there!) .
      2) the only jacket-action was a little curleback at the very tip plus , of the 4 rounds tested through 5 5.5" water jugs @50ft. , 1/2r the ogive jacket mearly fractured off .
      3) it was quite obvious from those jacket-pieces , recoverd from the first jug , allowed the core to getaway , straightaway . the rest of it recoverd from the 3rd or 4th jug (~.800" long).

      the core did verywell on its own tho ... penetrating straight through expanded-end first , the 4th and 5th jugs just stood there going "glug glug glug " , draining from 2 holes each .

      i ment to test at 50 and 100M but somehow ended up shooting @50ft. 4 times too be sure , i guess ... odd that the ERROR shot was the one bullet lost ???

      core only ;
      R.W. = (to heavy for my cheap scale since i lost my second weight-ball) . it doesnt appear to have lost any mass and no lead was found in the jugs
      R.Frontal Dia. = .450" to .490" (the smallest/largest dia. on all 3 bullets)
      R.LOA = .670" , .654" , .640"
      unfired bullet LOA = 1.030"

      10shots measured @15ft. , 65F. overcast lt.rain , 16.25"barrel . new polymer coated-caseings ammo .

      AVE. (of 9) 2094 fps
      HI , 2112
      LO , 2061
      ES , 51 fps
      SD , ?
      2083* , 2108* , 1829*(.error), 2098* , 2099 , 2112 , 2100 , 2104 , 2061 , 2081

      *) waterjugs @50ft.

      corrected AVE. MV at range conditions : 2107fps
      measured @15ft. :2094fps
      hit the jugs @50ft. :2064fps
      @50M : 1973fps
      @100M : 1841fps

      12 rnds funtioned fine through a crummy bulg 5 rounder converted to 9 rounder . fired 2 rounds just to get an idea of where it would hit , POI . hit at least 4" lower than the SB 123grn load at only 50ft. !

      recoil was not so much greater than normal ball as it was but more "pushey" . very noticeable to someone that has not fired any quantity of 154grn untill now . ejection was lower and more right/forward than any other but nowise excessive .

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        attempted to test the Wolf 154grn bullet again .

        made up one with reduced powdercharge in order to get impact velocity of ~1850fps (simulating 100M) . lined up 6 1gal. (33") waterjugs in a box with wetpack backing about 1ft. behind .

        gremlins interfeared .

        fist off , chrono said 1598fps . that equals about 200M distance from an 16"B AK .

        there was some lead fragments in moderatly blown jugs 1 , 2 , 3 . jugs 4 and 5 showed obvious signs of pointfirst penetration with SOME expansion more than just tip flattening . jug 6 showed an entrance of 45deg yaw . the bullet traj. turned down in jug 6 to exit the bottom , skid along the cardboard coverd pallet then , skip up off a crossboard over the wetpack and gone ... there wasnt much left (velocity wise) but dissapeared it did .

        a jacket fragment accounting for 1/4th the ogive was found on the pristeen sand of the backstop . probly fractured off hitting the pallet . what is the HP tip is curled back . at that angle of yaw , the pallet didnt cause that , it just knocked it off .

        will try again . looks promiseing .


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          fudged another testshot . this one clocked a near perfect 1851fps and hit too high . kinda skidded accross all the tops of 8 jugs and skidded the top of the wetpack and next stop was the moon for all i could find .
          all of them show more than just a bullet penetration with the shreading more pronounced in 4-5-6-7 with curious colapsed fronts / expanded and sheared off backs . only minor lead flecks in the jugs which all were still standing , half full , with the tops as described above .

          try , try again .


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            I get the feeling Russians have a different, or indifferent, view of what a soft point should and shouldn't do.

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              well obviously SOME expansion is happening with the Wolf 154gr SP , i just keep scewing up so i cant MEASURE whats happening , which is the whole point in doing this.