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The Ultimate 7.62x39 ammo thread

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  • The Ultimate 7.62x39 ammo thread

    I intend this post to be a condensed "Perfect Ammo for_______" thread. Since I have limited expirence I will draw heavily upon Yoda-Dad's findings posted elswhere on this board.

    So chime in with your opionions for the best 7.62x39 ammo for a given application.

    Here goes...

    Self Defense/CQB - Ully 8M3 Hollow Point, according to the guru's tests this ammo frags spectacularly when hitting a target that is primarially composed of water. This would be a valuable asset in self-defense situations a it would 1) cause great damage to the badguy & 2) reduce the possibility of overpenetration that is common to rifle calibur weapons.

    Combat - Admittedly not really that "impotant" to us civillians, but worth considering. I am thinking that Wolf FMJ may be the best load out there for this type of thing. Being FMJ it should (theoretically) have superior "hard cover" penetration over HP or SP loads. Yoda-Dad has also found that when hitting squishy, human-like target it has the habit of "yawing" quickly, causing maximum tissue damage.

    Hunting - (deer, maybe wild hogs, ect.) An important consideration for those of us who like to hunt with our AKs & SKSs (I suppose some people own mini-30s too). What SP is best for this type of activity?

    Any other applications that I've missed?

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    I can't say which SP is best. But I got some of the first bullets made by Hornady for loading the 7.62x39mm in the late 1980's. They were pre production run bullets made for a commerical reloader and are .311" in diameter. The diameter was changed to .310" for the production run.
    I have been pulling the bullets from military surplus and factory ammo then seating the Hornady bullets for deer hunting. I did this to 100's of rounds for myself and several friends that hunted with SKS's. We used this ammo to kill dozens of deer in the last 15+ years. None of us have ever recoved a bullet so I can only judge by the entrance/exit holes and field dressing results. The entrance holes were all bullet size and the exit holes were big enough to get your finger in up to your knuckle. So you could tell that bullet exspantion did occur and engery was tranfered pretty good by the bullets as the heart/lungs were red jello looking chunks of mush.
    Only one deer was shot with this ammo and got away. Friend said he shot a 4 point in the head and deer snorted several times blowing blood all over. There was a lot of blood on the ground and you could see the spray pattern. We followed the blood trail but it stopped after about 50 yards. The next year I shot a 4 point that had a large wound on his nose that had healed up. So my friends head shot on this deer the year before was that his bullet went in the deer's right nostril and ripped a big chunk out of the left side of it's nose.


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      Bernaul for skootn&pootn. For everything else:
      Georgia Arms
      G76239A 125gr Ballistic Tip@2400fps

      Dave S