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Remington 762x39 PSP (almost) tested

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  • Remington 762x39 PSP (almost) tested

    used my last 2 factory loaded Remington PSPs to test in waterjugs @50ft.

    unfortunatly , i cant give recoverd dimentions , only estimates , due to the fact that only intact jackets were recoverd , both from the 3rd jug . where the lead went i havent a clue ? as only the slightest flecks were left in the jugs or on the cardboard floor along with 1 tiny piece of jacket . there is lead left after 3jugs . one shot , although it hit deadcenter , skamperd accross a cardbord-coverd pallet board untill reaching a gap to hit the wood edge inside and bounce off , leaving a fingertip-size dent .

    velocities @15ft. registerd 2249 and 2281 fps , so they both hit at about 2200fps .
    ESTIMATING from the empty jackets , they would be .520"/.560" dia , and only .280"/.300" LOA (front to base). such a recoverd 125grn .30cal. bullet could only weigh between 50/70grns . this is the shortest recoverd LOA , comparable to the Chinese and Barnaul SPs that expand to the base up close . unlike those steeljacketed bullets , the Rem PSP should expand quite nicely way out yonder .

    Remingtons penetrated the deepest of the other US made SPs in P-boards (9 boards compared to 5) . looking at my last sample bullet , it makes sense now , the Rem having the smallest area of exposedlead on the tip . it seems they open right up into water however .

    i would have to rank Remingtons PSP performance well below Federal (.6" to .7" dia.) , below Winchester , and in the S/D category but , sill very suitable for such use . varmits and small deer/heart-lung shots come to mind also .

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