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Any .30 Carbine ammo reasonably priced?

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  • Any .30 Carbine ammo reasonably priced?

    need to re-stock the shelf on that, but no idea where to begin looking. anything worth shooting that is surplus? thanks

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    I like S&B... not the cheapest but it functions well in everything I own. Tried surplus US Lake City and UMC in my Automag and they didn't work worth a darn... too weak. S&B works 100%...


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      30 CARBINE (New Ammo)
      G30A 110gr Full Metal Jacket $9.00 $17.50 $165.00 1900
      G30B 110gr Soft Point $12.95 $25.50 $245.00 1900

      Dave S


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        i see .30carb ball ammo allover the place in cans/bandos/strippers ... SOG , AmmunitionStore , etc. but , couldnt tell ya if its good ammo or even if its a good deal

        the best softpoint , tested in jello , equalling the best 556x45 loads is Remingtons' factory SP . go to Tactical Forums and search terminal effects for a post titled ".30 Carbine FMJ Testimg Data".

        the entire thread contains more recent test data than you could shoot in an afternoon with your carbine save to disk and enjoy