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Winchester 762x39 softpoint compared to all others tested

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  • Winchester 762x39 softpoint compared to all others tested

    performance smack dab between the verygood 'deerhunting' PMC bullet and the verygood Federal S/D bullet .

    shot at 4 (5.5") waterjugs @50ft. , 78deg.F. ,

    muzzel velocity = 2265 fps
    crossed the screens @15ft. = 2248fps
    hit the jugs = 2207 fps

    R.W. = 107 grains
    R.fd = .550" (average , .520" to .570")
    R.loa= .375" (not including jacket streamers)
    unfired LOA = .840"
    flattip classic mushroom shape , the ogive jacket streamers (6) flailing straight back from the expanded diameter . not curled around and under like the PMC or flowing back supported against the shank like the Federal . began to yaw sideways entering the 4th jug 'coasting'.

    compared to PMC
    hit the jugs @1997fps going by the AVE above .
    R-W = 122.4grns
    R-frontal diameter = .515" (all the way around)
    R-LOA = .540"
    unfired LOA = .880"

    hit them at about 2166fps .
    RW = 118gr
    R-fd = .520" to .550" flat button head . edges hardly rounded off at all .
    R-LOA = .480"
    both shots arrow straight - expanded end first even 'coasting' through the 4th jug .

    hit the jugs at 2294fps . basicly the same effect as the first shot but more splash in 1 and 2
    RW = 112gr
    R-fd = .540" to .560" . same very flat expanded end . hardly any rounding off at the edges .
    R-LOA = .460"

    compared to the Federal
    hit the jugs about 2130/2120fps as per JBM.

    RW = 94gr / 102gr
    R-fd = .6" to .7" (on both bullets)with jagged jacket edges rounded off . lead in the middle .
    R-LOA = .380"/.370" (not including jacket steamers)
    UNFIRED LOA = .845"
    IMO these are 'overexpanded' for large game hunting bullets at this low a muzzel velocity
    but just what is needed for S/D . these didnt penetrate straight though , sliding off , one exiting the side of jug 3 , one exited near corner of jug 3 and bounced off jug 4 !!! it was that spent .

    if only these companies would get there shirts together and put out a velocity-approprate load ! Chrono these BEFORE you by a lot of'em or go hunting with them ! the bullets are great but the loadings are questionable !

    CHINA SPORTS box , 122grn Soft Points .
    @50M complete total OVEREXPANSION down to the base with some lead still there , not penetrating straight through 4 water jugs missing the 4th except some fragments . corrected to muzzel = ave.vel.2340fps , hit the jugs @2150fps
    RW = 53.4grns
    RF DIA= .660" x .700" (jacket petals - 3 )
    R LOA= .207"(base to front , not counting jacket peeledback)
    UNFIRED LOA = .870"

    @100M , hit the jugs @1970fps
    just tip flattening through 4 . not recoverd , as per ~.30cal entrance holes in jugs . probably similar too Barnaul at 100M below .

    Barnaul 125grn SP

    @50M hit the jugs going 2260fps . not quite as flat as the ChinaSports bullet but also overexpanded and core/jacket separation . jug 1 and 2 blown (kinda) but #3 just weeping ?? recoverd the empty jacket in a fine looking mushoomed condition from jug 3 but the core , apparently flying like a swooping frisbee by then , sliced through in the front and out the side with little distubance . very minor flecks of lead in the first jug .

    4 , 1Gal (22" total)water jugs @100M , hit them @2070fps
    through all 4 , bullet recovered . looks like one of them Long Flat Nose cast bullets for handguns . just a flattened tip . STILL buryed itself in the sand but no expansion .
    in both testshots the jugs were hit near dead center . entrance holes in the last jug told the story , SLIGHTLY raggy .30cal . no bullet particals in the lightly damaged jugs at all .
    unfired _____________ through 22"water into softsand (4" to 5")
    0.870" _______LOA _______0.730"
    0.114" _______tip ________0.200"

    100M , simulated shoulderblade (3/4" dense , partical board . dont laugh , it fractures similar to what ive seen in photos for bone) in front of 3 water jugs . like the other 100M shots , through that and all and into the sandberm but a more explosive effect on the jugs . the jacket curled back to the base clinging to a small piece of lead , on top of the sand in a shallow divot . only in this test did i find any real lead bulletfrags and only in the first jug (21grns worth) .

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    reprinted from a previous thread ...
    just as a bump to the question of Water vs Jello for bullet testing , a quick comparison of my water tested 762x39 Winchester softpoint with the same from Tactical Forums , DocGKRs' jello test gives near identical recoverd bullet measures (even the chronoed velocities are near identical) .

    also , from his test of the Lapua Mega 762x39 softpoint , i know i can class it with the Sierra and PMC softpoints in the high (for 762x39 125grn bullets that is ) Terminal-Sectional-Density category . these bullets maintain expanded-end-first travel through 20"+ of water .
    to do this apparently requires a recoverd length of longer than .400" supporting a .5" to .6" frontal diameter . this makes for a superior hunting bullet for quartering-angle or faceing shots on the 4-legged . furthermore , bullets like the PMC that maintain a flat-faced expanded end do more damage than bullets that expand to a 'rounded' frontal profile .

    bullets like the Winchester SP expand to .5" to .6" but at less than .400" recoverd length cannot maintain that through more than about 12" .

    a bullet like the Federal SP , with a recoverd length of ~.375" supporting .6" to .7" diameter frontal (that measured on the same bullet , not numerous bullets) is sliding off that frontal diameter at less penetration than 12" but , does more damage within that shallower depth area , dumping what it has there .

    while any of the above would do for selfdefence from humans , the action of the Federal i find preferable .

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