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need link to M855 at Sportsman's Guide

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  • need link to M855 at Sportsman's Guide

    anybody got a link to the M855 at Sportsman's Guide? I can't find it with their search engine. I need to place an order with them for some small items, and was thinking about getting some of this stuff when I made the order. TIA!
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    Olympic , thats all .

    i would ask around about this before buying if you dont have any experience with it


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      Or are these what you are looking for:

      I have bought both, but have yet to shoot them so I cannot attest to their quality.

      The M855 have a "LC", "03" and a Nato "Bullseye" head stamps on them. The XM193 have a "LC", "02" and the Nato "Bullseye" head stamps on them.

      The M855 came loose in a generic box, while the XM193 come in 20 round Federal brown boxes 500 to a case.

      Also I recomend doing a "Google" search for Sportsmansguide coupons, you can save a few extra bucks this way.



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        I was looking for the Lake City M855 (should have been more specific). For some reason I couldn't find it on their website (operator error I'm sure )

        I have a few other things I was going to order from them, and I was trying to combine the order to take advantage of some of those coupons!

        Thanks Chris!!! Appreciate you taking the time to help me find this stuff.
        Freedom isn't free!