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8mm surplus: what types are good?

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  • 8mm surplus: what types are good?

    Whats good?

    I'm leaning towards the yugo from ammoman. Seems like it will be better quality then the turkish stuff.

    I've heard the ecudoran stuff is even worse then turkish.

    Any comments??

    Whats good 8mm surplus?

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    what you gunna shoot it from ?

    that Yugo is some of the best surplus 7.9mm but my german 98K no likey and chucks it into 6" groups at only 100M while always slaming new S&B FMJ nearly touching .

    the reverse is true from the Egyptian , which really is a Yugo M48 anyway .
    the 70s /80s yugo M49 ammo averages 2300/2330 fps . its moderate power and rated for gas operated weapons . dont let that fool ya as it still hits with around 1100ft.lbs. energy at 600yards with that pointy slick boat tail .

    Ammunitionstores deal mite be better depending on how far away you live .