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70s' 762x39 Yugo now at ammunitionstore

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  • 70s' 762x39 Yugo now at ammunitionstore

    a little pricy but , comes in 40rnd boxes on those wonderfull Yugo phosphated strippers . i left a few of those strippers outside for 2 months lastyear and they didnt rust ! an important consideration for SHTF ammo .

    already chronoed this too - although mine was NNY over 1981 , its the exact same thing as this 70s' made .

    16.25"B , 55deg.F. , 9 shots
    AVE. 2260 fps
    HIGH 2284
    LOW ,2239
    E.S. ,45
    S.D. ,15

    you can expect AVE. of 2300fps and + at~75degF. and higher and of course , rifles are all individules anyway . not the most accurate ammo from my AK but real consistant (no fliers)

    this is CORROSIVE primed ammo , no doubt aboutit. some people are scared to death of it . its no big deal if you wash the gun down with hot water then , clean normally .

    the thing with using Windex or ammoniawater works too but , not like most oldwives think it does . the ammonia will of course neutralize any ACIDIC RESIDUE from combustion by-products of sulfer/antimonysulfide ( not salts ) and is a DRYING AGENT . the water dissolves away the salts .
    this leaves the metal bare-stripped so , a regular cleaning/oiling finishes the job , with a checkup for any spots missed over the next 3 days .

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    Thanx! I'll keep my eye out for it.


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      just so everyone knows what we're oogaling here ...


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        so , is this the boatload of YUGO 762x39 that somebody said was comeing in ? anyone know how much of this there is ?

        AIMS got it kinda pricey , maybe it'll come down some as it speads around .


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          does anybody know another source besides AIM


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            I bought some '86 headstamp Yugo about 2 years ago. I got 1400rds of it or so. I'm pretty sure it is corrosive but 70's vintage is DEFINITELY going to be corrosive. No biggie if you're shooting it in a chrome-lined AK though.


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              This stuff is BEAUTIFUL ! !

              I picked up a case at BulletFest last week. Mine is dated "81" and looks like it was made yesterday. Paid $120.00 for 1,140 rounds.

              I see that has it listed now too.

              The 7.62 X 39 is my all-time favorite caliber and this Yugo stuff is my favorite '39 ammo ! !

              Picked up a few case a few years back and was afraid that there would be no more. This time I'll "save a few back"

              And just because it's corrosive does not make it "bad" ammo -- just clean your weapon ! !


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                Ammoman has it too but he's way more expensive than
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                  I like Yugo ammo, but with recent prices makes me say Vector arms ammo is better. I think the accuracy of the Yugo and Vector arms South africa is about the same, but the Vector is non corrosive.