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Wolf 762x39 FMJ-BT 'improved' @500M

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  • Wolf 762x39 FMJ-BT 'improved' @500M


    well that settles it . no doubt any more . no sir .

    i dont know if ive ever said anything here about this but i've been predicting (hunching to myself) that after 400M this bullet would yaw FASTER than at closerange .

    it does . also , this taught me that my previous test @400M was flawed in that there was little material (water) at the space where the bullet was yawed 90DEG .

    the target was 1 - 1GAL milkjug + 2 - 1GAL antifreeze jugs , full of water with cardboad spacers (this is all what was left after many edge hits , fragged , waisted waterjugs). the total thickness was 15" in the middle , however where the bullet hit it passed through 2.5"water at the handle-indent area of the milkjug (then 1" space) 3"water (1" space) 3" water (.5" space to the cardboard) 11" total . the shot was near the edge but the bullet traversed compleatly within the waterjugs in and out all 3 .

    after passing through 2.5" of water and the space , it impacted the 2nd jug in full profile with the bullet/tip pointing 3 O'clock . on the cardboard between jug 2 and 3 full profile pointing 6 O'clock . exiting the 3rd jug (11") the cardboard shows a full profile pointing at 9 O'clock . only the profile impact on the 2nd jug was 'readable' as to bullet attitude as the 2nd jug exit / 3rd jug entrance / 3rd jug exit were spider-webed , streched out of shape surrounding the holes .

    this bullet was no-where to be found afterward . the only way the above could happen is with core displacement into the tipspace and the hemisphere facing impact @90DEG yaw ,,, out of the trailing hemisphere ,,, just like the sectioned examples i have from this similar test at 100M .

    no pointee pokeholes at any range with this FMJ .

    by this range at 88DEG.F. its only traveling approx. 1175fps with 375ft.lbs. energy / 0.63 lbs.-seconds momentum but is in full keyhole mainia all the way through and at 1.040" long and .310" wide . just try to get that frontal area from a 762x39 SP or HP at that range .

    like i said , the shot hit near the edge but the bullet traversed totaly within the jugs . because of this , that side seam was blown open for about 6" and , streched out of shape bulged/wavey for about 4" nearest the bullet trac . antifreeze jugs are pritty heavy-duty .

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    So I guess the 800 rounds of Wolf FMJ ammo at home is a pretty good all around load...Sweet...

    Though I am pretty sure I can't hit a milk jug at 400 yards with my rifle....


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      the reason this test was important -

      all other bullet types are dependent on muzzel velocity/velocity/range to do their thing , 5.56x45 M193/M855 has become infamous for this . farther than that or , hitting insufficient mass closer in , they only make pokeholes . so , bullets that fragment do outragious damage only IF they fragment and fragile bullets mean insufficent penetration of some 'cover' materials

      this 'improved' bullet type doesnt do the outragious damage that expanding/fragging bullets do . however , the large temp. cavity generated by side-profile passage is enough to blow solid liquidfilled organs open , without fragging . its perminent crush cavity is much larger than a point-on .22 or .30 cal pokehole and the spitzer tip causes a completly unique , spiral 'slice' signiture because it is sideways through and through , not 'tumbling' . most important , it does this at any range , from any barrel length , against the lightest target-wet-mass , with utter reliability .

      want taget effect with a Krink ? you got it ! with FMJ ball ammo . in 5.45 or 762x39 .

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        That's all greek to me, but attempting to translate:

        The round goes sideways and tears the monkey out of whatever gooey thing it hits regardless of range or barrel length, meaning you are plenty well armed with an AK at 400 meters....Right?


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          you got it . in fact , at even 500M , there is no comparing a hit from a 762x39 Wolf/G-tiger bullet with a hit from a 762x51 M80 ball .

          not even close .


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            Yoda...where did you buy this round? thanks


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              Bruce . been living in a backwoods cabin buddy ?

              see the title heading this thread

              its the most common ammo on the planet next to .22LR right now ... ... national chains and mom/pop hardware stores sell it .


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                BRUCE ,

                i didnt think about the 'improved' nomenclature throwing folks for a .

                Wolf FMJ IS the 'improved' M43 bullet , as alluded too by Mr.MTK in THC interview . the original 'improved' M43 was steelcored like the 545x39s' 7n6 bullet . if you cross-section a common TCW/Wolf FMJ bullet with a file , you'd see the airspace tip is about 8mm of the inside .

                a closer look into that space showes the upper jacket-ridge still there . this is where the core would butt up to if it had a steelcore , about a 4 or 5mm tipspace .

                since the jacket also has an internal ridge at the lower (8mm) position for leadcore only it must not be an afterthought , they planed it that way .

                the military steelcore 762x39 'improved' round only 'tumbles' in flesh like the 545x39 steelcore round . this because it has a rigid core preventing the lead from all flowing into one hemisphere of the bullet , at 90deg. yaw .

                no one (outside of TCW in Russia) has ever seen the M43 steelcore 'improved' . it may never have been produced in anything more than experimental quantities .

                everytime i ask a Russian 'in the know' a question on this topic , it gets danced around or ignored .


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                  Originally posted by John_Wayne777:

                  Though I am pretty sure I can't hit a milk jug at 400 yards with my rifle....
                  i did this at 500M . it took 6 shots and i hit the 14"square wood frame 3 times . twice hitting the 1/2" plywood floorplate on end , between the plys , weird . but i cheated . used a 2.5X Burris mounted . whata scope


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                    WARNING - stupid question ahead (my trademark)

                    Are all Wolf FMJ, boat tailed? or just a select version?


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                      My understanding is that all the Wolf FMJ are the M43 Boat Tailed.
                      Good question.