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    Is there anyone other than CCI that makes 45 ShotShell ammunition. I have a Thompson coming someday and wanted to load a drum of it and see the results. The CCI is $7.50 for 10 rounds, pretty spendy and its not round nose like the other shotsheel pistol stuff and wondered if anyone made it round nose style like the original riot control stuff way back when.

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    I know of no other source for .45 shotloads, at one time you could special order reloading dies from RCBS. These used cut-down .308 brass and SP-410 shot cups. Cost way back when was close to 100$, if still made might cost upwards of 150$ or more. One neat thing is you could use either 00 or 000 buckshot for the crimp end. Loaded rounds were almost identical to Speer.
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      You can still get the dies to make you own .45 Shotshells. I borrowed a set and made up a bunch of formed shells to play with. They work OK. Not sure if you could get them to work in a thompson?

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