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Anyone know anything about South African Cheetah ammo?

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  • Anyone know anything about South African Cheetah ammo?

    I've seen a few rounds and it looks really good but haven't seen or heard of any actual shooting results. I've considered buying a couple cases for future use. Thanks!
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    I've heard it's fairly decent ammo...but...lotta people didn't wanna help the SA gov by purchasing it. Now, really, THAT is the only bad I've heard.

    I personally am not sure you'd help the gov as the ammo has already been purchased...sorta like water under the bridge. HTH
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      from all accounts its excellent ammo . copper case / copper jacket . for a long time VECTOR ARMS had a typo w/the bullet listed as 132grn but , its 123grn , M67 type . if you have a weapon you think needs or deserves coppercases/bullet jackets or , have to shoot non-magnetic ammo where you are , this is worth the small premium $$$ .

      i dont think its made in SA , Zimbabwe me thinks .

      its been paid for long ago in one massive purchase . no moral dilema here .


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        Its not South African... its Zimbabwean... that is...Zimbabwe... Robert Mugabe you know?

        I am sure its good ammo... but, do you want to put money into the pockets of people like Robert Mugabe?

        I don't even have to think about that one...