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    My dad wants to hunt in IL with a 45 Colt, but I saw the rules are it has to push 500 ftlbs of muzzle energy. In the ballistics tables I was reading, the hottest commercial 45 colt only pushed something aroung 450 ftlbs. Does anyone know of any rounds that will push out 500?

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    That's a hard nut to crack, 45C being a cowboy load just don't make it. He would have to step up to the 45C Mag. to get 625efp.



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      AKvsAR, 500 pnds is a punt with some of the big-boy ammo out there. I have shot a good lot of .45Colt from Buffalo Bore, and it is a stone cold killer. Shooter needs to have all his ducks in a row when you pull the trig though, as recoil can be kinda rowdy

      I tried to PM you about my buddy's boy who is joining Marines this summer. Would like to discuss that with you, PM me if you get the chance---your PM box is full?

      If you dad wants to try the BB ammo, just let me know. I will send you 10 rounds for him to shoot. It is the 325 grain variety, and has killed whitetail and bison (herd cull for butchering) for me.


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        Hey AKvsAR, why don't you folks break down and reload for .45LC ? If you know any reloaders, you can simply walk in with your dies, saved brass, store-bought SWC lead bullets, primers and their powder, and they'll give you a quick intro to reloading.

        Once you've done it once or twice, you can then reload for yourself, inexpensively.

        Just do it. [img]smile.gif[/img]


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          It is a Interarms Viginian Dragoone pistol, and he might shoot it 50 times a yr, if he is practicing. Buying dies just wouldn't be cost effective. I've got a Dillon 550B set up for .223, and the cost of how much he shoots wouldn't warrant the cost, and labor involved.


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            Buffalo Bore and Cor-bon make very hot loads for the .45 COlt.

            I handload for my .45 Colt and can easily make some 1,200 ft/lb loads with a 265 grain bullet.


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              The Virginia Dragoon is a very strong pistol and can easily handle the hotter loads of the commercial firms like Buffalo Bore and Cor-Bon.

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                I was wondering the strength of that pistol. Do you happen to have and facts to back up that statement Flashguy?


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                  I looked around and it seems that Corbon offers a load that pushes 537 ftlbs.



                  I think personally that the Buffalo bore ammo "might" destroy his pistol, but I don't know, nor do I want to find out. Thank all of you for your help.


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                    Here is a link to some hotter stuff at Corbon. Try the hunting section of their site - 1125 ft/lbs


                    Now, I don't know if the pistol can handle hotter loads. When I replied the first time I did not know that it was for this particular pistol. If you have doubts then do not use the hot stuff.


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                      Pardon my jumping in..I wonder why 500ftlbs is the cut-off? I would think that a 250 gr. hard cast swc loaded to 900-1000fps would hammer anything found in Illinois.
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                        I don't know why it is the 500 cut off, probably to keep someone from using a 32ACP on deer. What I understand the rules are as follows: 1, has to have a caliber of at least .30 caliber; 2, has to have at least a 4 in barrel; 3, must have 500 ftlbs at the muzzle, and there was a fourth but I forgot what it was.


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                          For forgetting one simple fact: These animals are wild, yes.... When their shot, it's not often they just drop on the spot even with a well landed round. If the vitals are not hit, they linger in pain for many days, and you won't find them.
                          If you contact the game commision, I'm sure they will explain it all to you.
                          Velosity is one thing, but ftlbs.(heavy grain) is pure energy for knock down (shock).