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Chrony tests: .45 and 9x18........

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  • Chrony tests: .45 and 9x18........

    The .45 was run through a Taurus PT945 and the 9x18 was run through a 1986 Bulgie Makarov.

    .45 acp
    Wolf 230 fmj:
    Hi: 803.6 fps
    Lo: 787.9 fps
    Av: 796.1 fps

    Hungarian Aim special FMS match:
    230 fmj
    Hi: 843.5
    Lo: 814.4
    Av: 826.1

    Barnaul 9x18 95 gr jhp:
    Hi: 1095
    Lo: 1001
    Av: 1034

    The Wolf was pretty consistant.
    The Aim match is good plinking ammo and is reloadable to boot.
    The Barnaul is excellent ammo and cheap, IMO.
    The one light load was just a freak load I'd guess...but still kept the average above a thousand in the 9x18.

    AND....I had FUN!
    Youth And Brawn Are No Match For Age And Treachery.
    I'm Old And May Not Fight. I'll Shoot Instead.

    USMC 1959/1963

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    Thanks for this post. Does your opinion of Barnaul extend to their other calibers as well?
    How do you like the Taurus .45?


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      tankee boss .

      boy , wolf .45acp pulling an ES of 16fps . thats a shocker to me .

      since you tried the match , i'll try out the +p hollowpoint .