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Win 'SXT' Supreme.45acp 230grn HP chrono

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  • Win 'SXT' Supreme.45acp 230grn HP chrono

    #S45 , LOT# 85HN2 1 / 71

    here is why you HAVE to test at least 100rnds of something you plan on useing for S/D . in this case , 120rnds = $60.00 + tax

    thats why i only shot 20rnds , which funtioned fine then , when i bought this years ago . since it was years ago , took it out to shoot some up before replacement with something 'fresher' .

    too my suprize and horror , a futile effort ... never has the OM produced such strange malfunctions , nor has it EVER malfuntioned in 3000rnds of 230grn cast RN and 230grn JHP reloads .

    multiple malfunctions . 5 (out of 20shots total fired) rounds were extracted compleatly , only to be RAMMED between the magazines feedlips grooving the rim and case head , requiring TOOLS to get the gun working again . 3 were common stovepipes . 2 got caught paralel between barrel and slide on the way out . all feed . 50% malfuntions . the pistol then digested 300rnds of 230grn cast RN and 50rnds of 230grn JHP (bulk W-W bullets) reloads FLAWLESSLY , many with the same mag that had cases rammed between the feed lips .

    this is all the more confusing by the chrono #s ;

    10shots @5ft. , 78deg.F. , Colt OM 3.6" barrel

    AVE. , 805fps
    High , 816
    LOW ,, 793
    EX.SP. ,23
    ST.DEV., 7

    the other 10shots fired were nearly identical but since i spent so much time clearing malfunctions i didnt record them .

    14 shots of my JHP re-loads (2-7rnd mags), USEING WHAT SEEMS TO BE THE EXACT SAME W-W BULLET as above ;

    AVE. , 736fps
    High , 783(without this one shot , high = 744)
    LOW ,, 720
    EX.SPR. 63
    ST.DEV. 18

    i formerly loaded this too 815fps AVE. but backed off a little . it functioned flawlessly also , through about 300rnds .