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Brown Bear 9x18 HP.

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  • Brown Bear 9x18 HP. is advertising this stuff for $89.99/k.

    And I'm in dire need of some 9x18. I'm down to about 500 rounds, which is crisis level. I can shoot that up in a week, if I go on a Makarov kick.

    It looks like the Wolf, based on the color. I've not seen any Wolf HP previously. The Ulyanskov was what they were selling as "Silver Bear". But they are saying it's a 115g round, and the Uly was 120. The Barnaul is 95g, so it's not theirs, I don't suspect.

    Anyone had their hands on any of it yet?

    It might be nice, if it's as hot as the Silver Bear. Cut the bullet down by that 5 grains from 120 to 115 and they might cure the size problems, I'm thinking. I'd really like to see one in about 110g, with a good hot load behind it, but I'll deal with it the way it is, since I don't want to load a bunch more of my own with the bullets costing more than the loaded rounds do!

    I just wondered. I'm thinking I'll get a case of it, but if someone has had bad experiences, I might pass.
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    Its made at the Novosibirsk Plant in Russia... It ahs a laquered case, therefore names Brown bear... rather than the Zinc case, hence names Silver Bear.

    Its good ammo... with a different case covering.

    I really like the Silver Bear the best... but the Brown Bear does enjoy a price advantage.