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does the Barnaul 762x39 123gr SP work ? not unless you hit bone ...

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  • does the Barnaul 762x39 123gr SP work ? not unless you hit bone ...

    3 , 1Gal (16.5" thick total) water jugs @100M - passed through all with some little splash and a small amount of damage . the bullet buryed deep into the softsand behind and was recovered expanded (.50 x .60 cal frontal), then the core fell out of the jacket . the small entrance hole in the third jug was a "CAUGHT-CHA" give-a-way .

    4 , 1Gal (22" total)water jugs @100M , through all 4 , bullet recovered . looks like one of them Long Flat Nose cast bullets for handguns . just a flattened tip . STILL buryed itself in the sand but no expansion .

    in both testshots the jugs were hit near dead center . entrance holes in the last jug told the story , SLIGHTLY raggy .30cal . no bullet particals in the lightly damaged jugs at all .

    unfired _____________ through 22"water into softsand (4" to 5")

    0.870" _______LOA _______0.730"
    0.114" _______tip ________0.200"

    when this test was conducted with W-W 30-30 150 and 170 grn SPs , W-W/Fed/R-P 762x39 SPs - classic expansion w/some fragments . the Ulyanovsk 8M3 HP - compleat fragmentation .

    against 2 LEGGED targets @100M , expect point-on-no expansion penetration from the Barny SP unless bone is hit . my test standard is ,,, if it dont do nothin hitting 5.5" of water , it likly will do nothing else hitting flesh .

    for deerhunting , if you can hold to the point of the shoulder or shoulderblade , it should give good expansion /penetration through bone .

    20.5" barrel , 50deg F. sunny w/thin wispy clouds measured @15ft.

    1) , error . indicated
    2) , 2109fps error . indicated
    (installed sun screens)
    3) , 2436
    4) , 2430
    5) , 2390
    6) , 2447
    7) , 2441
    8) , 2441
    9) , 2452
    10 , 2449

    AVE, 2435fps @15ft.(hit the waterjugs at ~2060fps , 1160ft.lbs.)
    ES , , 62fps (without error shots)
    corrected too MV = 2453 ave.

    it sure aint gonna expand @100M from an AK .
    i'll try the water jugs @50M next time and chrono it again for an errorfree reading.

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    Remember reading some place that Russian hunters tend toward FMJ stuff. Less meat damage, one or two small holes in the pelt: hunting for business.
    Maybe in Siberia, like in Inuit country, small cartridges are used for large animals and they go for all the penetration they can get.


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      hi MartinS .

      well i suppose this Barny 123grn SP would do more than a pointy M43 PS FMJ bullet . the tip flatteneds right down too .200" and there was some blowout of all 3 and all 4 waterjugs spraying water 6 to 8 feet . with M43 PS the jugs just stand there and weep except sometimes the 4th jug catches it sideways and is blown .

      with the other SPs and HPs listed above , Wolf FMJ, milsurp M67 and US67 FMJ ,,, the jugs are destroyed . i tryed putting pressed paperboard between the jugs to catch a bullet 'profile snapshot' but even with Wolf FMJ, M67 and US67 , a 4" to 5" hole is blown in it.

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        50M , 3 water jugs (16.5"). jug 1 and 2 blown (kinda) but #3 just weeping ?? recoverd the empty jacket in a fine looking mushoomed condition from jug 3 but the core , apparently flying like a swooping frisbee by then , sliced through in the front and out the side with little distubance . very minor flecks of lead in the first jug . i take these to be what lead is poking out ahead of the jacket that splats on impact - then shears off .

        100M , simulated shoulderblade (3/4" dense , partical board . dont laugh , it fractures similar to what ive seen in photos for bone) in front of 3 water jugs . like the other 100M shots , through that and all and into the sandberm but a more explosive effect on the jugs . the jacket curled back to the base clinging to a small piece of lead , on top of the sand in a shallow divot . only in this test did i find any real lead bulletfrags and only in the first jug (21grns worth) .

        this bullet is bustup or nothing and nothing comes at 100M even with robust muzzel velocity (for 762x39) . the jacket and core wont stay together when it does expand wether a little or a lot . none of the other REAL SoftPoints act like this .

        i suppose what i'm saying is that the Barny 123grn SP is , well , its cheap

        at least now you know for sure .

        [ May 05, 2004, 21:59: Message edited by: Yoda-Dad ]


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          Yep...Russian hunters do prefer FMJ to that of HP... but they do like Soft Point as well. Takes quite a bit for the Russian 7.62x39mm HP to mushroom...